10 Things You Didn’t Know about The Movie “Trolls”

Everything is happy go lucky in the Troll world until it’s discovered by the monstrous Bergens that devouring a Troll can be the key to being happy. That’s kind of dark it would seem for a kids film, but the story goes along at a pretty good clip as the Trolls initially escape the Bergens to live for many years in happiness and peace. Eventually however they decide to throw a celebration that unfortunately attracts the Bergens and causes several of them to be captured. When Branch, the only Troll that seems to be incapable of being happy, undertakes a mission to save the captured Trolls the quest that ensues is an undertaking that will change the way Bergens and Trolls look at each other from that point on.

Here are a few other facts from the movie.

10. The first Troll doll was made in 1958.

They were made in Denmark by Thomas Dam and were initially filled with wood shavings. They were eventually made in different models.

9. This is the first musical film from Dreamworks since The Road to El Dorado.

Wow, how long has it been since THAT film? Anyone remember The Road to El Dorado?

8. The original version of Chef was a little too positive.

There was a song that was sung by Christine Baranski that made Chef into too much of a sympathetic character given that the character was supposed to be a bad guy.

7. A remix of In The Hall of the Mountain King can be heard in the beginning of the movie.

You can hear it when the camera is panning through Bergen castle.

6. Lucky Troll dolls were also know as dam dolls. 

This was is honor of their creator. Troll dolls were all the rage for a while and could be seen everywhere.

5. The disco ball used in the movie is the same type used in Shrek: Forever After.

If you’ve seen the last Shrek movie then you know where the design for the disco ball was taken from.

4. One of Poppy’s more bratty scenes was cut.

During a scene in which Poppy is trying on a bunch of dresses she says that she wants them all. Test audiences felt that this made her seem a little too bratty.

3. This the second time John Cleese has voiced a king in a Dreamworks production.

He played King Harold in the Shrek movies, at least up until Shrek the Third when his character passed away. For that role he also eventually became the hero.

2. This is Justin Timberlake’s second production with Dreamworks.

His first was in Shrek the Third when he played Arthur, the young man that was chosen to take over the kingdom of Far Far Away when Shrek chose not to accept the crown.

1. This film was made by the creators of Shrek. 

Aside from the obvious visual references and the use of similar actors you can kind of get the same feel from this film as you did from Shrek.

It’s a cute movie, definitely okay for kids.

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