The Five Best Diane Kruger Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Diane Kruger Movies of Her Career

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger could definitely be called a classic beauty since she is a rather attractive woman and she has modeled in the past as well as taken the stage as a ballerina when she was younger. That poise, confidence, and natural charm seem to have done wonders for her career considering that she’s been in some of the most talked about movies in the history of cinema, not to mention that she’s taken on roles that have ranged from the dramatic to mildly amusing. Drama though seems to be her biggest skill since she’s been in a number of movies that have allowed her to play parts that are whimsical at times but still dedicated to the seriousness of the movie she’s in and bound to show her one light or another. She can either be the innocent damsel in distress or she can be the tough and opinionated individual that knows how to get things done. That’s a range that is definitely prized and is capable of making a career work.

Here are her five best movies.

5. National Treasure

Let’s be honest, if someone told you about a treasure map that was hidden on the back of the Declaration of Independence you’d likely think that they were a bit of a kook and not want to take them seriously. But as a person that’s so high up on the ladder when it comes to the preservation of said document one would almost think that the threat level would at least be taken seriously enough that the face of the person would be flagged at every entry point on any given day so as to deny him the attempt to get within a mile of that document. Of course that would make for a short movie and wouldn’t be nearly as interesting since Gates’ attempt and success in finding the map was key to the effort of moving forward.

4. Troy

There’s so much of this story that historians want to push as fact that it’s a bit difficult to really parse fact from fiction at times concerning just what happened, if it really DID happen, and who was really involved in what parts. As far as painting the Greeks as the aggressors this might be a little more true according to history, but the depictions of Achilles and Odysseus might have been embellished quite a bit. With that being said the idea that one woman could be the cause of launching an army the likes of which the world had rarely if ever seen is kind of a stretch, but thinking that a king wanted to conquer his neighbors anyway and just needed a solid reason, well, that’s a lot easier to accept.

3. Operative

Ben Kenisberg of The New York Times tends to think that this movie is high on the espionage factor but low on the level of surprise that really comes from it, but in all honesty it does seem to be done well enough that one could honestly state that it’s among the best of Kruger’s acts. The idea of an agent going rogue in real life is something we likely wouldn’t hear about unless a newsroom was ready to put their reputation and even freedom on the line since when it comes to government agencies and their agents it’s usually not a good idea, or so it seems, to make their roles public unless there’s nothing to be gained by keeping them secret.

2. Mr. Nobody

Weird is about the best word that can be found for this movie since it does deal with some pretty heavy concepts but does so in what seems like an overlapping sensation that can confuse a lot of people and might tend to really mess with a person’s head. Nemo is perhaps one of the most sympathetic characters that Jared Leto has ever played but it would almost seem as though he and Anna, played by Kruger, are destined to be with each other no matter how many obstacles the choices he makes put in their path. By the end of the movie they’ve found each other yet again and this seems to sort out the timelines and the many possibilities.

1. Inglorious Basterds

Bridget von Hammersmark is kind of a devious character even though she comes off as pleasant and even a bit sweet in some instances. But there’s really no mistaking the fact that she would probably cut and run if she really had to in order to save her own skin. She is an ally in this movie to be certain but there’s some hardened quality about her that doesn’t make it evident that she’s someone that can be completely trusted. Her end however is kind of shocking since up until that moment Hans Landa didn’t really bother getting his hands dirty.

Kruger has certainly mastered the ability to appear innocent and kind as well as hard and difficult to read.

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