Fans Now Think They Know How Jack Dies on This is Us

Fans Now Think They Know How Jack Dies on This is Us

While there are so many different plots to follow on NBC’s This is Us, by far one of the biggest mysteries on the show is how Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) dies.   Given that his children are all teenagers at the funeral, there has been a lot of speculation that Jack would die in 9/11 somehow.   The reason for this theory is that the timeline fits.  However, those who saw the show last night now have a much different theory.

As many of us know, Jack is a drinker.  On more than one episode we’ve seen Jack have one too many.  In fact it got to the point where it was affecting Jack and Rebecca’s marriage.  Jack then decides to quit and become a “superbad.”  But this doesn’t last forever.  Life happens and we all know that Jack continues to drink.  On last night’s episode we know he drinks even more which is leading to a new fan theory about his death.

Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) had just had a big fight about her secret past relationship with bandmate Ben (Sam Trammell) — it only lasted two months, back when she was 19 — and Jack’s jealous (over)reaction, leading Jack to change his mind and say she shouldn’t go on tour. They both said some things they probably regretted, with Rebecca getting in the last harsh shot — saying she needed to have something for herself without Jack getting in the way. Before going off to have his cheeseburger (their planned meal together), Jack said he never thought of himself as being in her way. The camera then lingered on Jack taking another drink. (Moviephone)

This has prompted a number of fans to think that Jack is going to die of drunk driving.  Consider how bleak some of the moments are on this show, unfortunately this wouldn’t be a big surprise.  We could very well have a scene where Jack decides to take a drive after this fallout with Rebecca and unfortunately it will be their last.   This is all speculation but it seems that with every episode we get more clues.  Kate will eventually tell Toby how her father dies but for now, theories are all we have.  This theory seems to be in the lead right now.

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