Fan Theory: John Wick’s World is a Matrix Simulation

Fan Theory: John Wick’s World is a Matrix Simulation

Fan Theory: John Wick’s World is a Matrix Simulation

Out of all the interesting theories that have come from the John Wick and Matrix universes, there are a few of them that have coincided nicely with each other since they do make a lot of sense. All jokes about how the main actor of both franchises tend to look so much like each other, this theory is something that brings the two stories together in a way that is so obvious that one might chide themselves for not realizing it sooner. The idea that John Wick’s universe is just another simulation created by the Matrix is something that might give a few people pause but is a theory that fans can latch onto in a big way since it doesn’t challenge their way of thinking, but it does change things just a little as the world of John Wick begins to make a little bit more sense to some folks in terms of how the story is told, why certain items are so important, and how the quest aspect of Wick’s story is unfolding with each new movie. 

It’s already been stated that Wick’s story plays out like a video game, and there’s a lot of truth to this since if one follows his tale from the first movie to the current third movie, he’s gone through quite a bit after being thrust into the world that he tried to escape. One can almost imagine the opening credits to a game, the cinematic that would show Wick mourning the death of his wife, accepting the delivery of her final gift to him, and the imagery that would be shown as it told a story and set up the important moments that fans would need to pay attention to in order to finish one quest or another. 

All this points to a simulation that could take place in the Matrix since if one really looks at the movies and takes note of the reactions, or lack thereof, of those around John Wick and those he encounters in each movie, it’s fair to say that they’re not what might be considered as typical in a real-world setting. For instance, in the third movie, when Wick is being stalked by Zero and his students, openly carrying a knife might be feasible in a crowded train station since people are bound to go about their business and not notice anything that’s not their business. But stabbing and slashing another human being to death and then leaving them on the ground would cause a much bigger stir than the movie indicates. The lack of any real response by a good number of people that are near the fight scenes that take place in all three of the movies makes it feel as though this either happens regularly or the people are being instructed not to react for one reason or another. Plus, it is kind of awkward that the city is filled with assassins, not just those that exist in society, but also those that are a part of the Bowery King’s forces, who pose as, or are, homeless individuals that know how to kill and make up the bottom of the social strata that has been created for this world. 

If that wasn’t enough, the fact that the story progresses in a manner that shows John taking out subordinates as he moves upward and onward toward a final prize, or boss fight, however one wants to put it, indicates a game-type of setting. From the fact that Wick has to get himself back into the swing of things with the skills he already possesses, to the coins that are used as a different type of currency when he needs a service that is normally not provided by the world he tried to be a part of. Plus, the keeping of certain items, and the progression of the story, is enough to serve as a further indicator that Wick, who wanted to retire and live out his days in relative peace, is being forced back into a life that wasn’t ready to let him go. The term ‘no rest for the wicked’ comes to mind, along with many other useful sayings that might describe the course of Wick’s life. 

But another aspect of this world that lends itself to the video game experience is the fact that Wick has taken enough damage to kill several people a few times over, and he keeps coming. That type of focus is impressive, but it’s also nearly impossible since his stamina, durability, and determination are so incredible that one might argue that only a video game character would be capable of such feats. Plus, the fact that he’s been stabbed, shot, beaten, and shot off of a roof is enough to indicate that John is an unstoppable force given human form. In a way, John is like a program that has yet to fulfill the purpose he was created for, but by the fifth movie, one can only hope that we’ll get to see that purpose fulfilled. 

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