What is the “Dumbledore is Death” Theory From Harry Potter?

What is the “Dumbledore is Death” Theory From Harry Potter?

One of the more interesting theories to ever come out of the Harry Potter stories has to do with another character, Albus Dumbledore. The Dumbledore is Death Theory from the movies actually met with JK Rowling’s approval when it was posted by a fan, which is high praise since she had everything to do with bringing the story to life. But if you’re not quite up on just why this makes sense then perhaps you should revisit The Deathly Hallows Part 1 and pay close attention to the story of the Three Brothers. If you’ve watched the movie and read the books then you already know where this is going, and should able to follow along very easily.

If you recall, the three brothers were attempting to ford a river in a particularly dangerous spot that was known to be fatal to many individuals. But being skilled in magic they simply created a bridge and began to walk across. However, a hooded figure soon blocked their way, feeling cheated that they found a way to escape his grasp. Death badly wanted all three brothers for his own, but instead decided to congratulate them and offer them whatever they wanted. Now here’s where it gets a bit obvious.

The first wizard is represented by Voldemort, who desired a wand more powerful than any other. It would make him mighty indeed but it would also be his downfall. The second wizard would be represented by Severus Snape, who desired the woman he loved to be brought back to life. Unfortunately this life would prove to be only a poor facsimile of what she had once been, and in his grief the wizard was destroyed. The third wizard however, far more humble and more simple than the other two, desired only to live a long life and so, asking Death for a piece of his robe, went on his way, and was unseen by the dreaded specter for many a year. Now comes the good part.

Dumbledore is Death, and while this might be up for dispute, think about it. The third brother could not be found for many years by Death until he finally shed his cloak and welcomed Death as an old friend. Harry made his peace with dying before facing Voldemort, and once the dark wizard killed him who should show up but Dumbledore? Harry greeted him as an old friend, but did not pass into the light with him, which is just enough to shake up the legend. It’s still very telling however as Dumbledore, in some way, managed to orchestrate the events that would take all three wizards, destroying the one, agonizing the other, and liberating the last. Much like Death he was a schemer, prone to making plans and contingencies that didn’t always work out but were always in place should he need them.

In many ways that makes him even more terrifying than Death.

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