Fan Theory: It Has Something to Do With The Shining

Fan Theory: It Has Something to Do With The Shining

Fan Theory: It Has Something to Do With The Shining

It’s important to note that theory doesn’t see Pennywise leaving Derry at any point, but it does see him encountering the villains from Doctor Sleep, the True Knot. So in all honesty, there’s a roundabout way of how The Shining connects to It since the True Knot could easily have something to do with both stories. Given that the True Knot were nomads it’s not tough at all to think that the murderous clown would have been drawn to this group of quasi-immortals since their shared desire to feed off the fear of their victims would be easy to bond over. But as it has been mentioned, the True Knot is guided by its own rules and codes of conduct, while the only thing that keeps Pennywise in check is that he’ll feed for a certain period and then go dormant for years. But if Pennywise did interact with the True Knot, it feels like a pairing that would be insanely dangerous, not to mention devastating to various individuals. The alliance wouldn’t be likely to last though, since one thing that kept the True Knot from being discovered was their ability to blend in and not create too much attention. Pennywise wasn’t exactly picky about who he consumed. 

This would undoubtedly cause a rift between Pennywise and the True Knot since probably see this as a breach of their rules. But that connection would be interesting since it would connect the two stories in a tenuous but observable way. The issue here is that without being able to leave his source of power in Derry, it feels as though it would be a grazing interaction when compared to the solid connection that the True Knot came to have with the Overlook, especially in the Doctor Sleep novel. But what would be far more interesting than a coincidental theory that the True Knot had come into contact with Pennywise, who feels as though he would annihilate them out of spite if they tried anything, is whether or not Pennywise could find a way past his barrier in Derry and perhaps ‘ride’ the mind and body of an individual while keeping to the trail of the True Knot. 

Just imagine it, Pennywise falls in with the True Knot and sees them as a group of interest, but once they meet it doesn’t take too long for Rose the Hat and the others to realize that not only is Pennywise something beyond even their vast knowledge, he’s something that could be ultimately too destructive to their group in a couple of ways. For one, Pennywise doesn’t discriminate between victims, as fear is fear to him, and everyone experiences it, whether they have the shining or not. The second would be that Pennywise is far beyond the True Knot in terms of power. If there are any arguments then one might need to point out the mere fact that Pennywise is from beyond the known universe, while there’s no evidence that the True Knot is anything other than vampires of a different type that feed on a special quality that is rare in humanity. When it comes to who’s the most powerful, there’s not much of a contest, and it does feel that if Pennywise wanted the True Knot to leave Derry then it would happen without question. 

But think if Pennywise could find a way past Derry’s borders by hiding a part of his essence in a human being. Then, that human being could follow the True Knot as they made their way across the country, a trip of well over 2,000 miles, and that would be on a straight shot from Maine to Colorado. Of course, the True Knot would be following those with the shining, so it’s fair to think that the trip would take a while as they might move from state to state. If the True Knot happened to make it to the Overlook, whether it was burned down as it was in the book or if it were still standing as it was in the movie, then any part of Pennywise that made it to the site feels as though it would create an interesting reaction. The collection of evil within the Overlook feels as though it would either be a heady experience for Pennywise or might disorient the creature since it’s tough to think of what such a heavily concentrated force might do when it came into contact with another heavily concentrated and evil character. 

The connection that people are trying to make between It and The Shining is tenuous at best since it relies heavily on chance and the possibility that the True Knot would even feel the need to deal with Pennywise, and vice versa. But if a way did exist to allow Pennywise to escape the boundaries of Derry and make a real visit to the Overlook, it does sound like something that would be intense. 

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