10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zahra Elise

In the age of social media dominance, Zahra Elise has become one of most popular figures on Instagram and other social media platforms. At last count she has more than 800,000 Instagram followers – and counting. She admits to being a socialite and glam girl, along with having a serious penchant for fashion. We may not know everything about her (more on that in the list) but here are 10 things you didn’t know about Zahra.

1. She should be thanked for her service.

That is correct. Zahra served 4 and a half years in the U.S. Navy as a jet mechanic. This tells us several things about her. She is patriotic, knows how to handle tools, and can commit to a long term relationship. She left the Navy to go into modeling, with a little support from her friends. Naturally.

2. She was a tom boy.

Naturally. The fact that she was a jet mechanic hints at this, but you can tell that she still has some of those tom boy traits present, even today. This has caused some in the transgender community to suggest she is transgender, but Zahra dispels any notion of either being transgender or having any intention of becoming transgender. But she did change her earlier tom boy tendencies as she grew older, but she never saw modeling as a possibility during those adjustment years.

3. She is the oldest of the 6 siblings.

Being the firstborn is never easy, and this is especially true for girls. She has called her upbringing “messed up” but we think that is in part due to the fact that she came out first. Then again, she couldn’t run away to join the circus, so maybe she settled for the Navy. Her current relationship with her parents or brothers and sisters is not clear because she says she prefers being a private person.

4. Her desire to know her ethnic background led to some interesting results.

Apparently the messed up family situation had Zahra trying to understand her past, which led to her taking a DNA test. The results were: she is part Choctaw Native American, Japanese, North African, and even a dash of Middle Eastern heritage. You can make the case that her decision to join the Navy was to reach the ports of her varied ancestral roots.

5. Acting is next on her list of career pursuits.

Like many models, she believes acting is a natural connection to modeling. There are always parts for sexy women, and given the fact she has a military background she may be just what an action movie needs. She began taking acting lessons early last year and has made at least one appearance to add to her acting resume. So far, most of her roles have focused on what she considers her most attractive feature.

6. She is a quick study in matters of business.

While her focus is on maximizing her physical attributes to become a rising star, she also realizes she needs to capitalize on the current opportunities her fame affords her. She has her own lingerie line and a self-named marijuana brand. The Zahra Elise brand is subtly advertised in her Instagram bio where you read, “Dope Sells Itself.”

7. Rumors once abounded with her being involved with Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt.

There are two problems with this. First, Bolt is already involved in a committed relationship, and second, Zahra publicly denies the rumors. But it didn’t help that Bolt was bolting her booty in a video that made its way around the Internet. The video caption she used was, “I miss you too.” She continues to insist they are only friends, so maybe the video was a PR stunt intended to get her some social media attention.

8. Zahra allegedly was arrested for indecent exposure.

Considering her notoriety and popularity, this does seem strange. It’s not like she was violent or anything like that. The incident was during a night photo shoot and she found it odd too, so much so that she posted the incident on the Internet for all to see. The online newspaper, The Sun, has brought the authenticity of the video into question butt they do not give any specific reasons why other than Zahra making a reference to the photographer who took the video of the incident.

9. On the other side of the coin, she was sexually assaulted in a supermarket.

There is video of this incident too, showing a man following her down an aisle and talking with her. She says though she agreed to give him a one arm hug out of politeness, he took advantage of the situation and grabbed her butt. She then roughly pushed him away, and the man then left the store. Zahra did not say whether any charges were filed against the assailant.

10. She is a very private person.

You can find the fake porn websites that claim to have videos of her, but Zahra is a very private person, which makes it hard for her fans to get to know her more intimately. She may start coming out of her shell over time, and it might have something to do with her messed up family, but it’s safe to say if she truly wants to maximize her current popularity she will have to be publicly more open.

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