Suicide Squad 3 Could Redeem Poison Ivy

Suicide Squad 3 Could Redeem Poison Ivy
Suicide Squad 3 Could Redeem Poison Ivy

credit: DC Comics

Suicide Squad 3 could redeem Poison Ivy, given that the movies have been so over the top that her powers would be far more acceptable. Trying to introduce this character into a movie such as The Batman wouldn’t work quite as well. The reason behind this is that Poison Ivy’s powers aren’t as amenable to practical effects. 

The Riddler is fairly easy since all one needs is a certain mindset and a proclivity for traps, mazes, and riddles. Even Harley Quinn, the Joker, and other such characters that rely on practical effects would work. But Poison Ivy’s powers, which were shown in Batman and Robin, require special effects. 

It’s very true that presenting her as an eco-terrorist is possible, but it also sounds kind of counter-intuitive. More than anything, what defines this character is her ability to control plants, and the world that houses the Suicide Squad would highlight this perfectly. When one thinks about it this world is where she belongs. 

The last movie showed a humanoid shark, a man who could throw weaponized polka dots, a woman who could control rats, and of course, a giant starfish from space. Poison Ivy would fit in without any doubt.

The Suicide Squad Deadshot Bloodsport

credit: The Suicide Squad

It could benefit the DCU to include another couple of ecology-based characters as well

The big one that comes to mind at the time is Swamp Thing. If Poison Ivy is getting this chance, it feels that he should as well. His show tanked, and Ivy’s last appearance on the big screen wasn’t that great. It feels as though this would balance both characters out and create an impressive storyline. 

Added to that is the fact that there are reasons to include Poison Ivy in plenty of other storylines. It’s not certain if this would include another version of Batman, but it does sound enticing. With that in mind, though, the fact that James Gunn and Peter Safran are going to restructure the DCU leaves a lot of open opportunities. One can’t help but wonder who’s going to appear in one movie or in a series. 

As for Poison Ivy, it does make a person think about whether Belle Reve would hold her or if there’s another way to introduce her to the Suicide Squad. 

Poison Ivy is sorely underrated in the movies

The last time anyone managed to see Poison Ivy in a live-action movie was back in 1997, when she was portrayed by Uma Thurman. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the best representation since, much like the rest of the movie, it was rather campy and over the top. Who’s going to play this role in the modern era is uncertain, but it does feel necessary to focus on her. 

One thing that needs to happen is that Poison Ivy does need the type of representation that befits her character. This means that an alluring, trimmed woman with the right curves in the right places needs to portray her. Some might call this sexist, but representation is still important, and it swings both ways. 

Suicide Squad 3 Could Redeem Poison Ivy

credit: The Suicide Squad

Fans want to see her relationship with Harley Quinn on the big screen

This is one big reason why a lot of people want to see Poison Ivy on the big screen or even on the small screen. That happens to be her ongoing relationship with Harley Quinn, who has become something of a big star in the DC universe. Whatever is between these two women has captivated the fans over the years, and it’s fair to say that a lot of people want to see this blossom in live-action. 

It’s not certain whether or not this would result in any pushback, but it does feel that some people might say a few things. Such relationships in the movies aren’t that big of a deal, but in the DCU, it feels certain that things are going to remain unpredictable until Gunn and Safran finally decide to reveal what they have in mind. 

A lot of people are of the mind that this will cement Harley’s split from the Joker. Others are still a bit iffy when it comes to Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

Not every Batman villain can impress the fans in a practical manner

Batman has a serious lineup of enemies, and a lot of them have been shown over the years on TV and in the movies. Poison Ivy’s time has come before, and it’s likely to come again. How it will happen and when is anyone’s guess. What it does feel like is that she needs to join the DCU. How and when that will happen is uncertain, but a lot of fans are going to keep pushing until they see it happen. 

Poison Ivy is one of the more popular Batman villains, and it’s about time she was brought back. 

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