A Great Story Behind Florence Henderson’s Brady Bunch Screen Test

Florence Henderson, most well known for her part as Carol Brady is unfortunately no longer with us.    She died on November 24th, 2016 of heart failure in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, California.  When we look back at Henderson’s life many who knew who considered her to be one of the more lovable, respected, and frankly, hilarious actresses of her day.  Henderson would later become a spokesman and act in a number of TV commercials but she’ll always be known as Carol Brady to us.  Speaking of The Brady Bunch, I came across this funny story today about the day that Henderson arrived for her screen test for her part as Carol Brady.

According to an LA Times article

Hoping to jet into Los Angeles, have a screen test for creator Sherwood Schwartz and then get back to Texas in time for the evening’s shows, Henderson was stymied by L.A. traffic and rushed onto the Paramount lot two hours late, frantically looking for a makeup artist to get her ready for the test. Finally, she found someone with a few spare minutes – on the set of “Star Trek.”

“I was sitting in a makeup chair between William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and like six or eight space monsters. None of them had any idea who I was or made any attempt to be friendly, which really bugged me,” she recalled in TV son Barry Williams’ 1992 memoir, “Growing Up Brady.”

Interesting.  Come on Shatner, you couldn’t have thrown her a bone?

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