The Evolution of Marvel Cinematic Universe: From Iron Man to Avengers Infinity War

The Evolution of Marvel Cinematic Universe: From Iron Man to Avengers Infinity War

The evolution of the MCU has come a long way from Iron Man to Avengers: Infinity War. Can anyone remember how excited they were to see Iron Man make his way onto the big screen? From there it moved onto the Incredible Hulk, which was still a bit meh but was also a big improvement from the Eric Bana fiasco. Iron Man 2 furthered the mission as the Avengers Initiative continued to hound Tony Stark, while his sins continued to come due as first the Iron Monger challenged him, and then Ivan Vanko came after him.

Of course the only natural progression was to make tracks for Thor, where we saw Thor, Odin, Loki, and even Hawkeye make their appearances. And from there we saw our first Infinity Stone, which prompted a look back in time to see how Captain America came to be, and how he was then assimilated into the 21st century. It was kind of a rough transition, but it was needed since he was the leader that the Avengers needed in order to combat Loki and the army he was slowly growing and then recruiting to his side. Thankfully the Avengers were able to assemble in time to stop the invasion of New York, albeit by causing a great deal of damage and thereby sparking a general dislike of superpowered beings by those that couldn’t control them.. This of course wouldn’t sit well with the heroes, who were doing their best to keep the world from being overrun by those with far more dire machinations in mind, namely the purple-skinned figure that began to appear in the post credits.

The heroes had their own problems to handle for a while such as in Iron Man and Captain America, but those too would begin to take their toll as the heroes would find it necessary to band together once again in order to keep the world, and entire galaxies, from crumbling into ruin. It’s been a long, hard run to this point, but as each hero has been forged and reformed through the challenges they’ve faced and endured, the Avengers have taken shape and their legacy has continued to grow. The Guardians of the Galaxy have also been a key component in the finding of the Infinity Stones as well, and will finally step onto the same stage as the Avengers in an attempt to stop Thanos from accomplishing the goal that so far only Gamorra and Nebula really know about. The evolution of the MCU throughout it’s run so far has been long, drawn out, and extremely entertaining as the entire universe is now on the threshold of doom, especially considering the power that Thanos already wields and is attempting to gain.

How the MCU will evolve after this is anyone’s guess since, no spoilers don’t worry, the emergence of the mad titan means that things are about to pop off in a big way and the MCU is likely never going to be the same again.

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