Fans are Calling For Letitia Wright to be Removed from Wakanda Forever

Fans are Calling For Letitia Wright to be Removed from Wakanda Forever

Fans are Calling For Letitia Wright to be Removed from Wakanda Forever

You’re going to have to excuse me for laughing (ha) when thinking about how fans were so adamant that Chadwick Boseman not be digitally reinserted or recast for Wakanda Forever after his tragic passing, but are ready to chuck Letitia Wright due to her stand on vaccination. The issue with COVID is very real, but it would appear that a lot of people are failing to see the undercurrent that is starting to affect people and show business in its entirety as the measures being taken to prevent the further outbreak and spread are starting to look a little more like bullying than a general concern for everyone’s safety. With the vaccination mandate that so many have been talking about becoming a huge debate, it’s easy to think that everyone is going to be chiming in on the matter with their own words, and Wright is no different since she’s had plenty to say. But following an injury that took her off the set of Wakanda Forever and halted filming considering that she’s a big part of the movie, a lot of fans started to think that there’s something more to this since she’s made it clear where she stands on vaccination, and it’s already been seen that a few actors have been against it for a while. 

It’s not a common stance since a lot of Hollywood has buttoned up or made it clear that they’re all for vaccination and keeping everyone safe, but aren’t willing to openly question the manner in which vaccinations are doled out so readily. But getting back to the subject at hand, what’s really disconcerting is that there’s little to no loyalty to those MCU stars that are still here since like a lot of people have believed but few have ever said, the lot of them are expendable when it comes to their roles. It might not be something that people want to admit to or even believe, but the MCU fans aren’t about to sit by and let the actors behave in whatever way they want without commenting and, when necessary, mobilizing to…wait for it, sign petitions

Don’t worry if that made you laugh, it was supposed to. The whole idea that the MCU fans think that they’re in charge at times is kind of laughable to begin with since, despite the fact that fans do have a bit of power, meaning they can choose where to spend their money and where not to, their authority doesn’t mean much when it comes to who is kept on one role or another. The fact that so many people are willing to chuck Letitia over her stance on vaccination is enough to make a person shake their head and roll their eyes while wondering how anyone could possibly think that judging another person based on their personal beliefs would be okay. Granted, people do it all day and every day and yes, I’m doing it even now, but vilifying another person and calling for their removal from a job kind of goes above and beyond calling someone ridiculous and absolutely fickle to the point of not even knowing what the word ‘loyalty’ even means. 

Unfortunately, this is a sticky subject for a lot of people since the whole idea of keeping everyone safe and disease-free, or as close to it as possible, is of great importance since the virus did a number on the world when the pandemic hit. But the method that has been used to either bully or shame people into getting vaccinated hasn’t been helping much, and the stance that some folks have taken when it comes to how they feel about the vaccine and whether or not they want to take has created a great deal of debate among many different people. Ousting Letitia sounds like a drastic measure to take in this instance, especially since MCU fans have been adamant about keeping people in the same roles and not wanting to see anyone subbed in for any character. It would appear that this feeling is no longer valid since fans have made it clear that they want to see Shuri recast and in some cases would even like to see T’Challa recast as well. 

The toxicity of the fanbase in the MCU has been building for a while and has flared up a couple of times, but it’s always sad to see anyway since it makes clear the idea that fans of the MCU aren’t any different than any other fanbase since they’ll gladly turn on their favorites without question the moment their own beliefs are challenged by something that’s been done or said. Now all that remains to be seen is if the MCU will be sticking with Letitia or if they’re going to bow to the fans and let her go. Either way, it’s kind of obvious that the fans need to be reminded now and again that their ‘power’ is a tenuous thing at best. 

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