Five Actors Who Might Be Able to Take Over as T’Challa

It feels at this time that no one can possibly replace Chadwick Boseman when it comes to playing the Black Panther, but Disney has apparently already made a decision on how Black Panther is going to go. As of now it already sounds as though T’Challa will be killed off-screen to preserve the legacy that Boseman started with the character, while his on-screen sister, Shuri, will take over the kingdom. Seeing as how she’s been thought to take over at some point anyway it would make sense, but taking the Black Panther out of the MCU altogether does sound as though it would anger a lot of fans even as it appears to pay homage to the fact that Boseman did so much to bring the character to life. Finding a replacement could be tough though since it might be that T’Challa might have to die and that some relative or another man might have to step into the role if Disney does decide that they don’t want to get rid of the character just yet. But thinking on who would be able to do this is kind of difficult since Chadwick Boseman was pretty iconic.

Here are a few names that might work for the role of Black Panther.

5. Donald Glover

Glover is still young enough that he could take on the role and make it work, but the only problem might be that he’s a bit more exuberant than Boseman was and as a result this could give a very different feel to the character. Of course, that’s a big assumption and it’s easy to think that Glover could tone his normally big personality down quite a bit in order to play this part out if he was ever given the chance. It’s also a matter of whether or not he would want it, since as some folks might be able to guess, taking over the role of Black Panther is something that might come with a serious social stigma.

4. Omar Epps

Omar is getting a big old at this time, but he’s still a good actor and he’s still capable of putting on a good show. He might be useful as a relative or suitable replacement from another clan, which would be kind of interesting if Disney decided to go that route. But otherwise, he’s another person that could possibly take on the role since he’s a respected actor and someone that’s been in the business long enough to know how to handle himself when it comes to taking on very different roles. Whether or not he’d even be given the nod is kind of hard to imagine, but he’s still an interesting pick.

3. Robert Ri’chard

Given that he’s not that old and that he may very well be more talented than a lot of people appear to give him credit for, it might be that Robert could take on this role and do just fine. The biggest thing for any actor on this list though would be whether or not they would even catch the notice of the casting director since that’s one of the biggest tasks when it comes to obtaining a role such as this. Impressing the fans comes later when the actor has to make it appear that they know what they’re doing. It does feel that Robert might be able to do just this since he’s been impressive at certain points in his career.

2. Chiwetel Ejiofor

It’s true that he’s already in the MCU as Baron Mordo, but barring a meeting between his current character and T’Challa, which could happen since T’Challa has knowledge of Doctor Strange after all, he could be a convincing character in the next Black Panther movie. His inclusion on this list is a way to state that there are plenty of people that could be used for the role, even if many people would point out that it might never happen. It was still worth pointing out since Chiwetel has proven himself many times over when it comes to his acting and it’s easy to think that he could take on multiple parts in the MCU.

1. John Boyega

It’s tough to keep John Boyega at number one since he’s become a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to his time in Hollywood after lashing out at Star Wars over its lack of respect for its POC cast members. The truth is that Boyega was paid well for each movie, but somehow forgot that Finn, despite opening the first movie, wasn’t the main character. But as T’Challa it does feel that he might get the added attention he wants and could possibly get another big payday before turning around to complain about something. Is that petty? Maybe, but then so is cashing a paycheck and then biting the hand that delivered it.

There’s really on one T’Challa, but there’s no harm in trying to make it happen again.

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