Everything You Wanted to Know About Disney’s “Disenchanted,” Detailed

Everything You Wanted to Know About Disney’s “Disenchanted,” Detailed
Disenchanted detailed Amy Adams

Credit: Disenchanted/Disney

Recently, Disney announced the interestingly-titled sequel to Enchanted, Disenchanted, which has already been shown as an exciting sequel to the 2007 Disney musical comedy fantasy classic, as we’ve detailed below. Not long after the release of the original, the people behind the film stated that they wished to get a sequel going with the same cast as soon as possible, as well as the intentions of Disney to create a larger universe from the original film, Enchanted.

While the movie wasn’t created as early as the forces behind the original movie would have liked, the Enchanted sequel Disenchanted has been confirmed to be released exclusively on Disney+, the week of the 15th anniversary of the release of the original movie, Enchanted. Below, we’ve detailed Disenchanted, the original Enchanted, and what fans of the original can expect from the fifteen years in the making film, as well as its new and returning cast.


Credit: Enchanted/Disney


Enchanted, released in 2007, featured a cast of James Marsden, Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Susan Sarandon, and others, such as the so-called Broadway Queen, Idina Menzel. The comedy fantasy film was a parody of the typical trends and elements expected from Disney and Disney Princess and paid homage to previous Dinsey works.

Still, it was also a highly original story that heavily referenced various pieces of Disney intellectual properties while making fun of them and bringing audiences an original and authentic story. The story of Enchanted followed a to-be Disney Princess, Giselle, portrayed by Amy Adams.

Amy Adams had gotten the role partially for being considered a personification of what’s believed to be the appearance of a Disney Princess, as well as her ability to immerse herself in character without reigning judgment upon them instantly. Enchanted, the prequel to Disenchanted, detailed Giselle as she’s pushed down a well in her animated world by someone trying to take her place in her world and eventually finds the prince of her dreams in the new world, which was known to us as New York City.

Amy Adams disenchanted detailed cast

Credit: Disenchanted/Disney


Disenchanted, much like Enchanted, has been slated as a fantasy musical comedy, as it will be just as, if not more so, a parody of everything Disney, especially with the vast amount of Disney works that have been released just since the first film in the series was released, Enchanted.

While nothing officially Disney will ever truly make fun of or parody Disney and its properties as comedically and well as the newest Chip ‘n Dale movie, Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, had, Enchanted was pretty close at its time of release. However, what will likely follow Disenchated from Enchanted will undoubtedly be the combination of live-action with animation and computer-generated graphics, making the original Enchanted much more enjoyable.

In a released plot that has already seemed like a reverse version of the original Enchanted, Disenchanted has been detailed to revolve around Giselle as she used her magic to give her and her family of ten years the perfect fairy tale so when the magic goes wrong, she must save her original home.

Amy Adams Maya Rudolph

Credit: Disenchanted/Disney

Disenchanted Cast Detailed

As for the cast of Disenchanted, returning actors that will reprise their roles have already been detailed to include Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey. While their daughter has been confirmed to return, Gabrielle Baldacchino has been re-cast to be played in place of Rachel Covey.

In contrast, other actors confirmed to return include James Marsden and Idina Menzel, while the rest of the cast has been either re-cast or is composed of new roles entirely. New actors detailed to have been cast in Disenchanted include Maya Rudolph, confirmed to be some form of villain in the film, and Yvette Nicole Brown, Jayma Mays, Oscar Nunez of The Office fame, and Griffin Newman are disclosed roles of new and returning actors. Every cast member mentioned above has a new original role outside of Griffin Newman, who will portray the role of Pip, a chipmunk initially voiced by the Enchanted director.

Three additional actors have been cast in undisclosed roles for the film, Michael McCorry Rose, James Monroe Iglehart, and possibly the most interesting of them all, Ann Harada. Ann Harada’s role has been undisclosed, but her most notable work comes straight from Broadway. Similar productions, such as the adult comedy musical that was an oddly-Sesame Street-inspired Avenue Q.

Avenue Q, while indeed not a musical production suitable for the average Disney audience, the comedy, musical, and voice acting work of the hilarious and twisted play has undoubtedly helped prepare Harada for whatever role she may have gained. Still, Disenchanted will only be more detailed as it approaches.Amy Adams

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