The Five Best Nikki Reed Movies of Her Career

Nikki Reed

When you read about how Nikki Reed’s life has gone according to her movies and the career choice she’s made you have to wonder how she stuck it out at some points. Thankfully she did since she’s proven to be a delight watching on the screen even when she’s more of a supporting character than a lead. In the grand scheme of cinema some people are bound to be lead material a lot of the time, while some are destined for smaller but equally important roles since they complete a part of the whole picture that might feature a few glaring holes if not of their contributions. Nikki has definitely been seeking to make her career into something more than what it’s been, and she’s succeeded for the most part while being a supporting actress quite a few times. However she makes it happen it’s been happening for a while and it’s been a positive experience for the most part it would seem

Here are the five best movies from her career.

5. Mini’s First Time

There might be a reason you won’t get to see this movie appearing on any well-known channels or getting all the much hype and a lot of it has to do with the acts of the main character as she’s out to do just about anything she can to get ahead and leave those that are in her way in the dust. Mini actually starts out as a call girl and from that point gets in even deeper as she and her stepfather actually begin a relationship while planning to get rid of her mother. Seriously, this stuff is hard to make up and in today’s social climate you can imagine how it would look if someone were to put this out in the wrong light, or to the wrong crowd.

4. Chain Letter

Very few people like chain letters and there’s a reason for this, they’re garbage trying to get attention for one thing or another. When a killer uses them to select their next victim you can’t help but think that it’s innovative, but brutal in a way that’s hard to stomach since the kills are kind of gruesome. That being said though it is kind of interesting since it’s not something that a lot of people have seen happen all that often, and it’s something that might not have caught on since the bad guy did end up getting away in the end. You’ve got to think that if you figure out the idea of it, someone should be able to trace it back to the source eventually.

3. Thirteen

The sad part of watching your child grow up is knowing that you can instruct them, you can guide them, and you can possibly teach them just what to expect out of life, but you can’t make their decisions for them. Even worse is if they slip into a depression that causes them to harm themselves a lot of parents will seek to find some way to deal with it but might only make things worse in the long run. In this movie the downward spiral that Tracy falls into and is encouraged along by Evie is something that could have been stopped at some point, but it takes a very strong-willed person to do this.

2. Lords of Dogtown

Back before skateboarding was considered to be that edgy and the sport was something that was done for fun and was kind of cutesy and cuddly compared to what came next, the Z Boys were a reality that shocked the skating world into a new and extremely lucrative view that shifted things in a big way. You can go and look up information on Stacey, Tony, Jay, and even Skip and find out the real story since the movie did take a few healthy liberties when it came to the real deal, but the whole purpose of this story is to show what came before the skating revolution and how things were done back in the day.

1. Twilight

The Cullens have to be one of the oddest vampire covens, or families, that has ever existed and yet they seem so goody-goody in the movie that it’s almost enough to make you go ‘blah’ simply because the idea of vampires being anything but villains is hard to accept. But try telling that to a Twilight fan and you might be in for a heated argument at the very least since Team Edward and Team Jacob were insanely protective of their favorite movies and would argue until they were blue in the face. There’s just something about vampires acting like soap opera stars and angst-ridden teenagers however that managed to turn a lot of people off. Oh, and the whole glittering effect instead of burning to ash was kind of hard to take too.

Despite all that, Nikki has made a successful career thus far.

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