The Rocky Horror Picture Show Today

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Today

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank Rocky"The

In the simplest of terms, for those unaware of the actual reality of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, its a movie within a movie, of sorts, but that’s the simplest mindset to have when entering the realms of this surprisingly epic and monumental piece of art from the 70s film era.

While its budget wasn’t in control, Rocky Horror has been a clear symbol of anti-Hollywood, from views and politics against the upper class of Hollywood to the casting and most everything else about the mysterious cult classic. The movie has certainly been interesting for every generation since its release, but most generations beyond mine outside of theater are unaware of the true impact of Rocky Horror. Below, we’ve detailed The Rocky Horror Picture Show, its cast, and other information about the monumental film, as well as the overall impact and effect of The Rocky Horror Picture Show today.

Rocky Horror Brad Janet Riff Raff

Credit: The Rocky Horror Picture Show/Fox

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was originally released in 1975 as a movie. Still, the first incarnation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a 1973 theater performance of the show, which was what was turned into the now-famous movie. The theater performance debuted during a time when sexual fluidity was more frowned upon than even attempted to be accepted by the masses.

Still, the exciting tale within The Rocky Horror Picture Show was fueled by such fluidity and self-acknowledgment. The tale of Rocky Horror Picture Show follows a newly married couple as they break down in the rain and find their way to the castle of the mad scientist, transvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Other characters that occupy the castle include Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia, and Rocky.

By 1975, the year that The Rocky Horror Picture Show was released in theaters, The Rocky Horror Show also made its way to a Broadway audience. With its sexual elements front-and-center throughout the film, the movie has garnered a unique fanbase that has embarrassed cross-dressing and other gender-swapping elements associated with productions of the play, as well as audience participation that makes each Rocky Horror Picture Show experience entirely different.

Rocky Horror Frank-n-Furter

Credit: The Rocky Horror Picture Show/Fox

Rocky Horror Cast

While there have been countless theater renditions of Rocky Horror, even today, including smaller and unknown productions such as the one that occupied a local 4-room theater near me for over a decade, the film has never been replicated truly, outside of the hybrid movie/theater production created by Fox. In various productions of Rocky Horror, many different actors have portrayed the characters that occupy the cast of Rocky Horror.

Still, unlike the original London production of The Rocky Horror Show and the 1975 film, most casts didn’t include the originator of Rocky Horror, Richard O’Brien. Richard O’Brien and Tim Curry are the most notable actors from the original Rocky Horror Picture Show work and remain known outside of Rocky Horror.

However, the 1975 Rocky Horror movie and the productions from the original in London to the first Broadway production include the most notable cast members. Actors from Richard O’Brien, Tim Curry, Meat Loaf, Patricia Quinn, and Nell Campbell have made up the most notable. In contrast, other actors that made up the remaining cast noted today include Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick, who haven’t made theater productions of Rocky Horror.

Rocky Horror Magenta Columbia

Credit: The Rocky Horror Picture Show/Fox

The Rocky Horror Cast Today

Today, the actors from The Rocky Horror Picture Show that most know of, even if they’re unaware, including Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry, Meat Loaf, and Barry Bostwick. Since the release of Rocky Horror, the actors listed above have each gotten their separate claim to fame outside of Rocky Horror. For example, Meat Loaf’s already growing music career also had one of the most exciting rock and roll-fueled characters in the entire movie. Unfortunately, Meat Loaf passed away in January of this year.

Susan Sarandon has often been considered a queen of Hollywood, has acted nonstop since the movie’s release, and has had roles with Seth Rogan and others to add to her exciting roles. Barry Bostwick, noted for his musical Broadway career, has also had prominent acting roles in series such as Spin City and a growing list of television and film roles since the early 70s.

While Richard O’Brien has been included in every single production of Rocky Horror, television and theater due to his owner’s rights, Tim Curry has been equally as monumental in creating the original Rocky Horror and its various productions. However, Tim Curry may be most noted to an entire generation as the voice of The Wild Thornberrys’ Nigel Thornberry.Susan Sarandon has often been considered a queen of Hollywood

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