How Humans in Star Trek Are Just Like Doc Brown

After you’re done laughing at the implication and then the explanations of why every human character in Star Trek is just like Doc Brown from Back to the Future, you start to see how it makes sense considering that humans in the Star Trek movies and shows do one of two things more often than not. They either follow along with some crazy plan or they’re the person doing the equivalent of saying ‘Hold my beer’. Quite a few fans and simple observers have taken to stating that much like Doc Brown, a lot of the humans in Star Trek appear to be incapable of doing anything that’s doesn’t somehow go against the logic and reasoning that so many of the other species in the galaxy have practiced for so long. Even the Klingons apparently can’t keep up with the flawed logic and strange but somehow effective maneuverings of the human race since, simply put, humans are loons in the Star Trek universe. That might make some people bristle just a bit, but keep in mind that in Star Trek, the truly crazy and ridiculous things that have been done have usually had their origin in a human mind.

One of the most popular things to bring up is fusing two warp cores together and dumping them into a black hole or a sun to see what will happen since otherwise the ship might tear apart and everyone will die. Other species might come up with a different plan or simply perish, but not humans. Oh no, humans have a backup plan that makes everything go BOOM in one way or another, and the crazy tactics that humans employ emulate Doc Brown’s idea of ‘let’s see what happens if I do this’. Seriously, anyone who steps up to defend Brown at this point might need to quietly sit down since the man did waltz through time more than once with less than noble results considering that he was trying to help his teenage friend get his life together, and was simply seeing if he could do it.

Yes, the more adventurous might say that this is the reason Mt. Everest was climbed and a number of different things throughout history were accomplished, but there are moments when one should at least pause and wonder if their actions will have bigger consequences. In Back to the Future and in Star Trek that realization doesn’t appear to happen all that often, but the need to push forward is usually pretty strong. Something else that people like to point out is that thanks to humans in Star Trek, species such as the Borg, who can analyze and tear apart military strategies as if they were drawn up in crayon, can’t handle humans since they’re seen to be irrational and don’t operate within the expected behaviors that might be expected. Trying to predict what a human is going to do and then adapting to it is a definite problem for the Borg since their programming can’t always predict what a human will do. That might make some folks a bit proud since being crazy does have its upsides now and again.

There are many ways to debunk this theory obviously, but just imagine if it were considered to be true, that all humans in Star Trek were just like Doc Brown and didn’t think at all before going ahead with each action. Impulsive moments can lead to greatness from time to time and definitely paves a very interesting road to discovery, but the fact is that many other species in the Star Wars universe are often perplexed by humans, and rightfully so. Humans are at times ruled by emotions, we take the winding, less than useful paths to our goals, and we do irrational things that don’t make a lot of sense but somehow are still important to a lot of us since the sentiment behind such acts makes them worthwhile even if no one else can see this. It’s fair to think that there are times when humans don’t really fit in with the rest of the species in Star Trek since as a bumbling species that were slow to learn what many others had seen as commonplace throughout the centuries, humans are kind of the black sheep of the universe in a big way.

In a sense, this would appear to be how humans are seen in many TV shows and movies that deal with outer space since quite often our species doesn’t have a great chance in one on one confrontations with a lot of aliens, and it’s our ability to do irrational things that keep us alive or allows other humans to stay alive. While humans might be the Doc Browns of Star Trek, it’s very easy to see that as crazy as they are, they still get results.

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