A Kingdom Hearts Show Is Reportedly In Development For Disney Plus

A Kingdom Hearts Show Is Reportedly In Development For Disney Plus

A Kingdom Hearts Show Is Reportedly In Development For Disney Plus

As much as David James of We Got This Covered and the rest of the site loves clinging to rumors it might be interesting to see how the video game Kingdom Hearts holds up when given an adaptation on Disney+ since thanks to the games there’s not a lot of limits when it comes to what direction they can go in. Anyone who’s played the games already knows that it’s kind of big deal as it melds elements of Final Fantasy with Disney and as a result it becomes something of a chaotic time within the game now and again, but overall Kingdom Hearts has been a massive hit over the span of fourteen games, so it might be time to see just how well it can make the transition to the small screen in a different manner. Video games obviously don’t have a perfect track record when it comes to being given a chance as a series or a movie, but there are exceptions that have been accepted as fairly successful attempts. Given the idea that Kingdom Hearts would be coming to Disney+ as  a series though, instead of a movie, could work to its advantage since it would allow far more story to be injected into the show and thus give the fans more of what they might be wanting to see. Within the time frame of a movie, even one as long as Avengers: Endgame, there’s only so much time to cover a wealth of information that many fans might know nothing about. One has to remember that despite the popularity of a given game, movie, or series, not everyone is going to know everything about it, and there are a lot of surprises that could come from Kingdom Hearts that a good number of people would know nothing about.

There’s also the idea that this is a cross between Final Fantasy and Disney to consider, as several Final Fantasy characters have managed to show up in the games in the past, so whether or not they might show up in the series would be a serious question. The fact that Final Fantasy VII just released not long ago could be a point of interest for a lot of people when the question comes as to whether some of the favored characters might show up, though at this point it’s hard to say. Right now all that’s obvious is that the story line might be a little chaotic and could be more of a reboot of the games than anything one hundred percent true to the source. Sean Sposato of Inside The Magic has more to say on the matter. While that might confuse and even irritate the hardcore fans that love seeing a true adaptation that follows the source material to a tee, it does feel as though a slightly looser adaptation that focuses on aspects of the story but not the whole thing would be better if only to keep the entire audience aware of what is happening, not just those that have played the games and know what to expect. Plus, what fun would it be if someone knew what was about to happen all the time?

Right now it’s kind of hard to say just when this would be coming out since it sounds like it could be a rather big project, and even attempting to complete it from home might be a daunting prospect for the many individuals that would be required to work on it. While animated shows are definitely easier to handle and pass on to the next person for editing and design purposes there’s still a long process that has to take place in order to bring them to the intended audience, and as of now it’s not even a certainty just who is going to show up as far as characters go, or how the story is going to play out. It does sound as though it’s more than rumor that the show will be coming, but at the same time the uncertainty of when it might appear on Disney+ is going to be keeping people alert to see just when it does drop as fans continue to await new material with each passing month. Meghan Furney of The Gamer has more to say in her own words. Hopefully we’ll see the shutdown end eventually so that the various studios can get back to work and new content can start being dropped left and right. As it is Disney and many others have been doing what they can in order to keep people entertained and keep their profits from dropping too far into the bucket.

Like all video game adaptations this one will no doubt be watched very carefully by fans that want to see it happen but still want to see the games represented in the best way possible. Once the series does drop though it’s easy to guess that the chatter will start up in a big way as people voice their approval or displeasure in equal measures. You know it’s going to happen, right?

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