Top Five Moments Of The Gen V Trailer

Top Five Moments Of The Gen V Trailer

The Boys is a giant success on Amazon! Naturally, when a cash cow is present then you need to milk the crap out of it with spin-offs and sequels. That’s where Gen V comes in. The spin-off takes place in the world of The Boys and it follows young, aspiring heroes who have their physical and moral boundaries put to the test while competing for Godolkin University’s highly coveted top ranking.

The upcoming series will highlight blood-bender Marie Moreau, shrinking supe Emma Shaw, and metal-bending Andre Anderson as the central of the young recruits. There will be several surprises along the way, with notable characters like A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) and Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie) making appearances throughout. Jaz Sinclair, Lizze Broadway, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sean Patrick Thomas, Derek Luh, and London Thor are the core cast of the spin-off. The first three episodes of the series will be released on September 29. Here are the top five moments of the latest trailer.

Gen V Has Blood Benders?

Top Five Moments Of The Gen V Trailer

Admittedly, the CGI blood looks fake. Still, Gen V has bloodbenders! What was an extremely cool concept in The Legend of Korra has now made its way into the spin-off of The Boys. Interestingly enough, Marie Moreau isn’t a supervillain using these powers. It opens the storytelling possibilities for something new, bold, and bloody.

It’ll be exciting to see how these blood-bending powers are showcased in fights throughout the series. Gen V could actually feature some of the coolest fights in the series as most of the powers featured are pretty solid. Again, the visual effects aren’t all there yet, but hopefully, it will look better once the final product is released in September.

Showcase Of The World

Top Five Moments Of The Gen V Trailer

Following the blood-bending scene, the trailer gives us an overall description of the world itself. It comes across as your typical pretty young teenagers (like a CW show) who love to drink, dance, and do anything that’s the opposite of good. There are clear comedic moments in the trailer. Thus, this could be a fun twist on this sub-genre that the CW popularized with their respective shows. Though it’s in the same world as The Boys, it’s good it isn’t a carbon copy of the original series.

There Are Dangerous Evil People At That School

Top Five Moments Of The Gen V Trailer

Gen V comes across as a stereotypical CW show in the beginning. However, once the tone changes, the trailer instantly gets better. Take one of the most disgusting, yet cool visuals in the trailer – a man who has part of his ribcage (?) coming out of mouth. The sight of blood and bodies brings us back to the harsh realities that The Boys did such a great job exploring.

The cynical and satirical tone is showcased nicely in the trailer, but the other core elements that make The Boys such an iconic series are present. If the creators can write original and shocking content that adds new layers to not just the original series, but to the superhero genre itself, then Gen V can easily be another winner for Amazon Prime.

Puppet Decapitation

Top Five Moments Of The Gen V Trailer

The innocent days of Jim Hanson‘s Muppets are long gone. This moment represents the over-the-top nature that’s also a key component of The Boys. The second half of the trailer really goes hard with gore, violence, and cock explosions. It’s great that the creators aren’t shying away from what makes The Boys so great. Hopefully, this isn’t an exercise in unnecessary gore and violence. There’s always been a balance in the original series and it would be great if the spin-off knew how to navigate between the two without going overboard.

Montage of Powers

Top Five Moments Of The Gen V Trailer

Once the montage kicks in then, it helps solidify the nature of the world. Putting these powers under a rated-R scope opens the possibility of seeing fights or images that have never been displayed before. It also allows the showrunners to get extremely creative with not just the fights, but the characterization of each of the core cast. Gen V looks very promising overall.

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