Euphoria Season 2 Episode 6: “A Thousand Little Trees of Blood” Recap

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 6: “A Thousand Little Trees of Blood” Recap

In Euphoria Season 2, Episode 5 Rue hits rock bottom and manages to escape Laurie’s drug den. Maddy found out about Cassie and Nate’s relationship. Surprisingly, Cassie lives to make it to Euphoria Season 2, Episode 6 where she’s blowing up Nate’s phone to let him know that the cat is out of the bag. Nate doesn’t answer the phone because he’s  “too busy” plotting how to save his father’s business because as always he ultimately always chooses to save himself. But first, let’s deal with Rue.


Since there were no beds available at the rehab facility, Rue had no choice but to go through the withdrawal process at home. Withdrawal is no joke. In the first scene, Rue struggles with the simplest task; opening up a jolly rancher candy. Leslie’s strength is undeniable as she coaxes her daughter through the painful steps of withdrawal. Seeing Rue in pain takes a major toll on Gia. Fortunately, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Several days later Rue is in a better state. There’s something about being clean that produces mental clarity. Rue realizes that she has made a big mess and she regrets hurting the people that she loves. So she begins her apology tour by making amends with Ali.  When Rue works up the nerve to call Ali, he’s short with her at first. However, when she finally apologizes he instantly forgives quoting a verse out of the Quran. Eventually, Ali comes over to cook a meal for the Bennett women. Ali’s visit is a welcome relief. He banishes Rue and Leslie to their rooms while he and Gia cook. Ali takes some time to see how Gia is doing mentally. Gia insists that she’s not angry but when she expresses doubt that Rue will actually get clean it’s clear that she has some underlying resentment. Ali validates Gia’s feelings and gives Leslie good advice, “ Let Rue be Rue. Shower that little one with lots of love.”

New Beginnings

The morning after Cal’s big speech in Episode 4 is also the morning following Rue’s revelation of Cassie and Nate’s betrayal. Things seem to be much lighter in Nate’s household. Marsha is obviously in a good mood as drinks, smokes, and sings while she bakes. Up until now, Marsha’s character hasn’t had many impactful scenes. Marsha reveals her disdain for Maddy. She admits to having a “proud mama” moment when Nate took up for her by manhandling Maddy in Season 1. When Marsha jokes that he didn’t have to take it too far by actually choking her, Nate gets angry and reminds his mother that the charges were dropped. Marsha and Nate’s entire conversation was unsettling but it’s crucial to his storyline. Marsha recalls how Nate was such a sweet baby and then he just suddenly changed when he was around 8 or 9 years old. “It was such a drastic change,” Marsha points even suggesting that she wondered if he had endured some type of head trauma.  For years, Marsha believed that her son was angry because of the problems with his dad but for the first time she’s realizing that Nate was angry before he was even old enough to have tension with his father. Did something traumatic happen to Nate as a child?

The Disc

Maddy is justifiably still angry at her best friend for her betrayal. Maddy has something up her sleeve, what that is we don’t exactly know but she’s carrying around Cal’s disc in her purse. Maddy has a heart-to-heart talk with Samantha, her employer over a bottle of wine in the pool where she spills her guts about the situation. Samantha reveals that she was involved in a similar situation in college but she was the one that betrayed her friend. Maddy is shocked but Sam informs her that she wasn’t the woman she was now. In college, Samantha was desperate in love and fell into the arms of any man that claimed they loved her. Cassie and the old Sam are two peas in the same pod. Nate breaks into Maddy’s room and retrieves the missing disc from her using Cal’s revolver. He deceives Maddy by putting a blank in the gun and playing Russian Roulette with it aimed her at her temple. When Nate puts the gun to his head, Maddy sobs and gives the disc up. Despite Nate’s betrayal, Maddy still cares for him.

Making Amends

Nate pays an unexpected visit to Jules. When Nate pulls up to Jule’s house she’s apprehensive about meeting with him. But when he tells her it’s about his dad so that she can protect herself, Jules arms herself with a box cutter before hopping in Nate’s truck. Nate apologizes for his actions and informs Jules that he was just trying to protect somebody that didn’t deserve to be protected. Nate hands Jules the disc and tells her that his father has a habit of recording all of his encounters. He assures Jules that nobody else has seen the video and that there are no other copies. After leaving Jule’s house, Nate calls Cassie and tells her to pack a bag. She’s coming to stay with him.

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