Why Is “Euphoria” So Popular?

Why Is “Euphoria” So Popular?

When it first started running, Euphoria immediately got a reputation for being every parent’s nightmare. But it quickly went on to become one of the most loved TV shows of the decade.

The show follows a group of troubled teenagers as they navigate their seemingly normal yet very disturbing lives. Euphoria touches on some key modern-day issues, such as substance use, addiction, body image, toxic relationships, and depression.

So, if you still haven’t seen this immensely popular show, you might be wondering what is all the hype about. Here are some of the reasons why Euphoria is so popular right now.

Euphoria Is Raw, Intense, and Emotional

Why Is “Euphoria” So Popular?

Credit: Euphoria

Even though the show gets a bad rep for promoting sexual violence and drug abuse, that’s actually not the case. And right from the get-go, you realize it doesn’t really glorify any of these issues. As soon as you start watching the first episode, you can quickly tell that the show is about to get wild yet very real.

Euphoria depicts a raw picture of the crippling effects of substance use, toxic relationships, and parental abuse. These teenagers are no ordinary teenagers. They suffer from serious mental health issues, and they all come from dysfunctional families.

It’s very scary to think of adolescent years as being so intense and damaging. And as much as want to believe that it’s not true, real life is sometimes much harsher than we like to think. That’s one of the reasons why Euphoria resonates with so many people – yes, it’s disturbing, but it’s also emotional and raw.

It’s a Cinematographic Masterpiece

Say what you want about Euphoria‘s heavy reality, but one thing’s for sure; the show brings some of the most visually satisfying shots that we’ve ever seen on television.

The glamourous makeup and compelling costumes. The astonishing visual effects and mindblowing soundtrack. And dark yet dreamy lighting. All these effects play a significant role in the show’s rise to fame. It’s truly a visual masterpiece that perfectly contrasts the harsh reality of its plot.

It plays around with different color palettes and visual effects. The creators use a unique style of cinematography (neo-noir) to take them back to those “innocent” teenage years when you either feel broken or out of place. It does that so masterfully that you really relate to every character, even if you’ve never experienced anything similar at all.

The Acting Is Phenomenal

Why Is “Euphoria” So Popular?

Credit: Euphoria

Another reason why Euphoria is so popular is the phenomenal acting ensemble. With Zendaya as the lead actress, the show has been the talk of the town for years. Thanks to Zendaya’s remarkable talent and unique set of skills, she gives an outstanding portrayal of the protagonist, Rue, struggling with addiction and grief.

On another hand, the Euphoria ensemble features other talented faces such as Hunter Schafer, Alexa Demie, Sydney Sweeney, Jacob Elordi, Maude Apatow, and many more. Each of these actors goes above and beyond to bring their character to life in a spontaneous and emotional way. This definitely contributes to the enormous success of the show, which just keeps getting bigger and bigger by the minute.

It Raises Awareness about Important Topics

One of the reasons why the show gets a bad rep is, at the same time, the reason why it’s such a huge hit among mature audiences. Euphoria portrays some of the most important topics of the modern-day age: mental illness, substance abuse, violence, body positivity, and domestic violence.

Because of the director Sam Levinson‘s attempts to humanize drug addicts and troubled youth, Euphoria is often criticized for glorifying these concerning topics. But Sam continues to deny these theories, saying he just wants to bring awareness about some serious topics.

Euphoria: an Honest Portrayal of What It’s Like to Be Human

Why Is “Euphoria” So Popular?

Credit: Euphoria

So why is Euphoria so popular? Well, the show does a phenomenal job of portraying the tumultuous and sometimes painful human experience. It demonstrates what it’s like to be human. It takes us on an emotional journey as we watch each and every character struggle with common modern-day problems. It won’t leave you feeling indifferent, that’s for sure.

If you ask us, the show definitely deserves all the hype it gets because it’s a visual piece of art and an emotional rollercoaster.promoting sexual violence and drug abuse

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