Ellen DeGeneres Uses a Clown to Scare Sarah Paulson

Ellen DeGeneres Uses a Clown to Scare Sarah Paulson

If you have ever watched The Ellen DeGeneres show, you know that she likes to scare people. This is especially true when the person in question has a known reputation for getting scared easily or they are well known for starring in a lot of horror films or the like. Such is the case with Sarah Paulson, who recently came on the show to promote the new season of her show, American Horror Story.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because Paulson stars on a show that is well known for being rather scary that she doesn’t get scared easily herself. In fact, Ellen got her several times over her stay on the show and every time, Paulson let out that blood curdling scream that few people can really do so well. The first time, DeGeneres hid in her dressing room and popped out of the closet when Paulson had least expected it.

Later on, when they were conducting the interview, a man dressed in a black and red cloak snuck up behind her and she screamed again. By this time, she was starting to get a little bit gun-shy about the whole thing but DeGeneres assure her that there wasn’t anything else that was going to happen. Right about that time, a clown popped right out of the desk that was sitting next to Paulson’s chair and she literally jumped out of her chair and crawled underneath the table, screaming all the while.

Ultimately, Ellen had to go get her and reassure her that there wasn’t anything else that was going to happen. When the show cut to commercial, Paulson was still under the desk. She actually encouraged fans to watch her new show, American Horror Story, from underneath that desk and stayed there until the cameras cut to commercial.

Without a doubt, Ellen likes to have a good time on her show and scaring people is one of the easiest ways to get a good laugh from all involved. Fortunately, Paulson was a good sport about the whole thing and seemed to be laughing and screaming at the same time as opposed to getting upset about it all. Scaring people is a lot of fun when it works out, but it can quickly turn into something that isn’t fun at all when the person in question gets upset or angry. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to happen too frequently on Ellen’s show.

One thing is certain, Paulson certainly has the scream down pat. Maybe it’s from all those times of filming American Horror Story. It just goes to show that even the people that are right in the midst of making some of the scariest things on television actually get scared just like everyone else. In some cases, they scare a lot easier than others. Who knows who DeGeneres is going to decide the scare next. Hopefully, it will be just as funny as it was this time with Paulson. With that being said, whoever it is probably won’t be able to scream as well as she did.

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