Five Things You Didn’t Know About Eric Bolling

To say that Eric Bolling has had a rough year in 2017 would be an understatement. After being exposed in a sex scandal that revealed he had been sending lewd and lascivious photos to one of his female coworkers, despite his lawyers declaring that the accusations were untrue and unfair, his son was dead – the victim of an apparent suicide. His son’s death came less than a day after Bolling was ceremoniously released by Fox. There have been reports that Bolling will be suing the reporter who originally broke the story concerning his sending of inappropriate photos.

While Eric Bolling has been in the public eye outside of his platform on Fox, there is still a lot you don’t know about the former Fox talk show host. Here are five quick facts that should get you well on your way.

1. Whether he Lands a New Gig or Not Will Be Fine Financially

It is common when people hear that someone has lost their job to become concerned about how they will get by, but there is no need for anyone to become concerned about Eric Bolling, as far as his financial well-being is concerned. However, there are some things that money cannot buy, and those are the things that are of major concern right now in the Bolling household. Nevertheless, Bolling is resting on an estimated net worth of $15 million.

2. He Was an Exceptional Athlete

For those who have not followed Bolling’s career from the onset, you will probably not know the talk show host was once drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Unfortunately, an unexpected injury permanently sidelined his baseball career. While Eric Bolling has made quite the name for himself in the world of finance, his original dream was to play major league baseball, and he was on the way to realizing that dream when he was drafted, but after tearing his rotator cuff, the organization felt at the age of 22 he was too old to rehab.

3. He Helped to Save Bob Beckel’s Life

When Bolling and Fox News announced The Five, he Fox-News CEO, Roger Ailes, and Bob Beckel was eating a celebratory meal when Bob starting choking. According to Beckel’s account of the events, both Roger and Eric immediately jumped into action to assist him. Beckel admitted that during this event he could not breathe. It was a truly life-threatening situation. While Ailes performed the Heimlich maneuver, which slightly dislodged the piece of food, it was Eric that reached in and pulled it out.

4. Eric and His Wife Have Been Married for Almost 20 Years

While the sex scandal obviously has caused a major rift in the Bolling home, he believes that his nearly 20-year marriage to his sweetheart, Adrienne Bolling, will be able to survive the tough times. There are many who have become uncertain since the suicide of their only son. While it is not likely that the scandal triggers the depression-driven suicidal ideations that led to the death of Bolling’s son, the stress associated with the news that he had been fired could have been a trigger.

5. He Has Close Ties to President Donald Trump

We live in a world that constantly harps about the importance of merit, but the more you learn about life you gain a lucid perspicacity of the fact that merit hardly ever stands alone. While merit should be enough to solidify a person’s place in any social, political or educational setting, the truth is that who you know will likely get you much further, which has major significant when you consider the fact that Bolling is close friends with President Trump. That, my friends, is what you call serious clout.

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