10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sara Hjort Ditlevsen

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sara Hjort Ditlevsen

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sara Hjort Ditlevsen

It can be a struggle to write about someone when you can’t find that much information on them. Sara Hjort Ditlevsen no doubt has a promising career behind and in front of her but at this point finding anything about her online is a search that might take some time as you sift through all the pages that give mention of her to those that actually have some pertinent information. One thing you can tell however is that with so many mentions, even if they’re in passing, she is a person of interest in some way and she could be just a moment away from a career that might launch her into the public eye in a way that will change everything. Of course it could be that she’s already highly regarded in her home country and could be well thought of, though the news might have yet to reach the kind of online forums that many people tend to look at. This is one failing of being famous, or on your way to being famous, there are so many individuals vying for the same attention that unless your voice or your acting is something that stands out you could possibly be lost in the shuffle and have to wait for your moment to shine.

Sara could very well become one of those actors that will shine forth when the time is right, but until then here’s a few things you probably didn’t know about her.

10. She’s a writer as well as an actress.

It does help to have more than one skill under your belt, so to speak, when it comes to acting. If all you know is that one thing in life then you’re typically not prepared to deal with much of anything that happens outside that scope. By diversifying even just a little bit you give yourself the chance to become that much more valuable to those that would hire you.

9. She’s from Denmark.

A lot of actors make their way from their home countries to come and sit in the cradle of Hollywood seeking to make themselves into the next big star, but a lot still remain in their countries of origin attempting to do the same. Local fame is to many more than enough when it comes to being a celebrity, as those within their country of origin might be extremely proud of one of their own and show a much greater amount of loyalty than might be given when stepping up to a wider audience.

8. Her Instagram following is very modest.

For those that are not famous being followed on Instagram by well over 14 thousand people would no doubt be quite interesting and kind of a heady experience. For celebrities however this seems a bit low. But perhaps Sara is just fine with it and doesn’t feel the need to attract more followers.

7. Her filmography is still building.

Like many stars she’s still getting her career up and going but has perhaps found what she really wants to do and is taking it slowly and picking her roles. After all jumping in with both feet can be great but it does carry the risk of getting swept away and possibly used up before your time.

6. There’s not a lot to find on her.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong spot but the searches conducted for her have pulled up the same thing over and over and there’s just not a lot of information out there on her. It could be that she likes to live a private life outside of her career, which is easy enough to understand as celebrities seem to be in the spotlight on a continual basis.

5. Her career started in 2009.

She’s been around for a while at least, just shy of a decade but long enough to see how the industry works and how to make her way through it. Perhaps that’s why she doesn’t have a huge filmography, she’s doing her best to navigate around the industry without getting caught up in too much.

4. In Denmark she is a rather big deal.

In your own country it seems to be a good way to start when it comes to being famous. Sometimes that’s enough for some people when it comes to fame, though it remains to be seen if this is enough for Sara.

3. In American film and TV she has yet to really hit it big.

Just mentioning her here makes it seem as though she might be trying to make the push if she hasn’t already, but to date she has yet to really find a place in American TV and movies, at least to the extent that she’s been noticed in a big way.

2. She comes from a very educated family.

Her mother is a school teacher and her father is a physicist so you can imagine that her household was built in part on the virtues of education.

1. At one point after high school she moved to Berlin and then to Copenhagen.

It could have been to start her career but that’s really uncertain since, once again, there’s not a lot of information out there on her.

Maybe that will change eventually.

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