10 Things You Didn’t Know about Doris Cano

Joe Millionaire is back, and there are 20 women looking for love and hoping that the man they fall in love with happens to have a net worth of around $10 million. It’s a great way to start a relationship – not knowing whether your boyfriend has a good job or he’s a multi-millionaire, hoping he’s the latter, and wondering just how disappointed you’ll be when you find out he might not be the wealthy man you thought he was. The truth of the matter is that this show is just interesting from start to finish, and women like Doris Cano are the women on the show. She’s a success on her own, which leads us to believe she’s not looking for a man with money so much as she’s looking for a man she can love. However, it seems the world wants to know more about the woman looking for love with the new Joes.

1. She’s a CEO

She is the CEO of a company by the name of Diamond Divas Entertainment. It’s a company that works with dancers and performers, just to name a few so that companies in need of dancers and performers, models, etc. can call her up and ask her to bring in a set of dancers for the company to use for their events.

2. She’s A Former NBA Dancer

Cano is no stranger to the world of dance. She danced for the NBA, and she’s good at what she’s doing because she’s been on the floor. It’s easier to do your job when your job is one you’re good at doing because you’ve done it before. She danced for the New York Jets.

3. She’s in her 30s

While we may not know her exact date of birth, we know that Cano was born in the 80s. She is approximately 33 at the time of filming this show and the news of her being part of it broke, so she’s in her early 30s. This makes her a late 80s baby and a kid who grew up in the 90s.

4. She is Unafraid to Try New Things

Her time on this show is something that might seem crazy, but she’s not afraid to try new things. Her love life outside the show was not working out, so why not try something new and see how it goes. The perks of being part of a reality television show are numerous – and they don’t even necessarily include winning if you’re okay with a huge social media following growth and the kind of money that comes from becoming a social media celebrity.

5. She’s Been in a Commercial

This is not her first time on television. As a child, she was cast in a commercial advertising none other than Crest Toothpaste. We use it every day, yet none of us ever thinks about the little girl in the 90s who brushed her teeth and persuaded us all to do it. She’s had her time on television already, so she’s good to go.

6. She is Inspired by Her Father

Her father owns a business doing in the flooring industry. He’s been able to work for himself his entire adult life, and she’s so inspired by that. He came to America when he was in his early 20s, and he started his own business. She’s never wanted to work for anyone but herself after seeing her dad do the same. She has no desire to work for anyone else.

7. Both of Her Parents Came from Other Countries

Both her mother and father came to the United States by way of other countries. Her mother was only five when her family brought her to the states from Ecuador. Her father, on the other hand, grew up in Mexico. He made the decision to come to America when he was 21, and he made a life for himself here. This inspires his daughter.

8. She Accidentally Became a Dancer

She didn’t have any intention of becoming a dancer. Her friend wanted to go to a New York Knicks dance audition, and she asked Doris to come with her. Doris did, she danced, and that is when she made it into the final 16 dancers and realized she’s good enough to do this for a living. It wasn’t her intent, but the best-laid plans often take on their own meaning.

9. She’s Private

While she is a woman who lives a very public life between her new reality star status and her job, she’s a woman who does things that are not quite as public as others might think. She tends to keep her personal life to herself, and that is a good thing.

10. Family is Important

She’s a woman who has a lot to offer, and she also loves to spend time with her family. She is close to both her mother and her father – she and her mother even share the same first name – and she is so inspired by her father and the fact that he created a life for himself without even having the same opportunities as Americans who grew up here.

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