Did You Know Kat Graham Was in The Parent Trap?

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The fact that Kat Graham is an 80s baby always surprises us. When you look at her, she’s nowhere near someone in her 30s, but she was born on September 5, 1989, which actually puts her at 33 in 2022. She’s gorgeous, and she’s glowing. She’s always been youthful, too. Aside from her obvious beauty, though, is the fact that she’s quite talented. She made a name for herself on the hit show Vampire Diaries as Bonnie. She was a witch who went through a lot during her tenure on the show, and she was an absolute fan favorite. However, what never fails to surprise us is the fact that Kat Graham’s Parent Trap role is one we never picked up on.

Kat Graham’s Parent Trap Role with Lindsay Lohan

We repeat: Kat Graham’s Parent Trap, what? We were today years old when we realized that Kat Graham had a role in this hit remake. Obviously, she wasn’t in the original since she wasn’t even born when that one was made. However, she was a child when the second one – the remake – was made. It stars Lindsay Lohan as both Hallie and Annie, twin sisters separated shortly after birth when their parents divorced. Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson went their separate ways, each taking a twin and pretending the other did not exist. The girls found one another at summer camp, switched places, and ensured their mom and dad reunited again.

Kat Graham was part of the 1998 remake. Her character was Jackie. She played the camp friend of Annie James, the little girl who came from England to camp to spend the summer away from her mother, butler, and her grandfather. She didn’t speak many lines in the movie – they were removed – but young Graham did make friends with Lindsay Lohan while filming.

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Kat Graham’s Parent Trap Role Taught Her So Much

“I was in it and it was like, the first film I did, and I went with my mom to the set and I remember Lindsay very, very well, and Hallie and all the kids there, and I totally remember that, and I remember a lot more of that even more than even the things over the past 10 years. And I also remember etiquette. I remember being on set and really observing what being on set was like and how, you know, what made people happy and what made people sad.

You know, what was frustrating, what went easy, and as a kid, you know, you forget, and sometimes people underestimate what a kid pays attention to. When I was a kid, I paid attention to a lot. And that experience in a lot of ways shaped who I wanted to be,” she said of her time on the set. She learned so much, and she’s happy about the experience.

She and Lohan did a lot together during the movie and even after. They had reshoots to do for a while after it was done, and they were friends. Their friendship was a sweet moment in her life, and it’s one she remembers fondly. She did not speak of Lohan and how she’s lived her life over the past decade or so, but she remembers that time with fondness.

Speaking of Remakes…Would She Remake Vampire Diaries?

Vampire Diaries was such a huge show. It was such a success, and so many wonderful things came from it. However, Kat Graham would not go back to the show. She shut down any rumors she might be interested in. She recently spent some time with her old co-star and long-time friend Nina Dobrev, who played Elena and Katherine in the series, and that made fans wonder if they were discussing a remake. It turns out they’re just friends hanging out.

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“I feel like I gave that show, and hopefully the fans that watch it, eight years of my life and poured so much into it and sacrificed a lot of time with my family, even time doing work with the UN refugee agency, doing my activism – so much of that has to get put on hold when you’re on a twenty-two episode series for eight years. So, as grateful, and I mean grateful, because I grew from that show, I became who I really am in my twenties from that show, for me, yeah the door is closed,” she said. Sorry, TVD fans. She’s not coming back.

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