Django and Zorro Will Team up in Quentin Tarantino Movie

Django Zorro Movie

In terms of whether the Django/Zorro movie would really work, it seems so far that those who have heard the rumors and the little bit of information that’s out are very much in agreement that it will work. As Jeremy Dick from MovieWeb has said though it’s unlikely that Tarantino will be directing this movie since he seems to be planning on stepping aside after his tenth film. While some fans might be devastated by this reveal others might actually think that putting Django and Zorro into the hands a of new director will be kind of interesting since it’s obvious that everyone has their own style and manner of doing things. All of those that have followed Quentin Tarantino this long know that the director throws around racial slurs aplenty and seems to thrive on a high gore content, but in some cases it’s been seen that this isn’t always needed. Zorro for instance has never really been a blood and guts type of show or movie and yet has been just as violent in many ways. Django on the other hand nearly painted the walls red in some instances and didn’t shy away from the more confrontational material that Tarantino uses so frequently.

Jeff Sneider of Collider went into a little more detail about the whole pairing of Django and Zorro by disclosing how Django fled the east for the west since following the movie there’s an obvious price on his head and he needed to be scarce, quickly. After settling his wife, Broomhilda, in a more secure location he continued his trade as a bounty hunter and sent her money whenever he could. During a chance meeting with Diego de la Vega he finds that Zorro is a man that can also hold his own in a fight and is a valuable ally. Eventually it seems the Django ends up becoming Zorro’s bodyguard, in a sense, and the two agree to see to the liberation of the local indigenous people from slavery. Having seen the movie it would make sense that Django would take up such a cause, and because he is who he is, Zorro would champion it as well.

Scott Wampler of Birth.Movies.Death states that this movie will indeed be an adaptation of the comic book that Tarantino helped to make possible a while back and will place the two heroes together before the Civil War and years after the first Django movie. Going a few years into the future seems like a good idea since quite honestly it gives both characters a bit of time to develop. One big question though is whether Antonio Banderas would return as the famous masked hero or if the studio would find another worthy subject to take up the mantle of Zorro, as it would seem that Jamie Foxx is still, of course, the only real name considered to play Django. Switching up characters so drastically at this point seems extremely unwise since fans still remember both so well that it might seem like just yesterday that we were watching them in the theater or at home.

Another minor issue that seems fit to crop up though is the idea that Django and Zorro are two very different characters that might share some ideals but have very different temperaments in regards to the movies. Where Django is serious, dour, and somewhat vindictive, Zorro from the movies is playful and a bit more carefree. It might be that these opposing characteristics could be what help them to get along and work as a cohesive unit, but it still seems like something that might need to be highlighted and therefore present at all times within the movie. Even Anthony Hopkins was a calmer and more level-headed individual as Zorro, and while Banderas’ Zorro was a bit impulsive and rash in his decisions he still wasn’t nearly as gruff as Django, who took from his life experiences the harsh realities that had been foisted upon him for so long.

A lot of people might want to point out that Django had to literally come from nothing while Zorro was the creation of a man that had whatever he wanted or needed. One had nothing to lose, one stood to lose everything if his secret ever got out. But putting them together seems like a fun idea since it does seem as though they mesh just right, not in a dysfunctional cowboys and aliens kind of way, but more in the fashion of The Last Samurai, where two very different individuals from two very different cultures come together and learn that they can compliment each other with their different skill sets. So far this movie seems like it will be a good idea and a definite must-see whenever it comes out. It’s going to be a while, but fans will wait.

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