Disney CEO Bog Iger: “We’re Just Getting Started” With Star Wars

Disney CEO Bog Iger: “We’re Just Getting Started” With Star Wars

Babu Frik

This might make people groan or cheer depending on how they feel about Star Wars and, of course, how they feel about it being owned and operated by Disney. There have been a lot of different opinions that have come up since The Force Awakens, hell since Disney bought Lucasfilm, but thus far Star Wars has gone from being a favored franchise to a billion-dollar idea that has been largely expanded in favor of bringing in more and more characters while eventually phasing out the legends that helped to make it great. Some folks are less than happy with how things have turned out while others are waiting with baited anticipation even after the Rise of Skywalker to see what Disney will do when it comes to Star Wars. So far the Mouse House has made a great deal of money by bringing forth a new trilogy and shows that have made a lot of people happy and kept them satisfied even if ‘true’ Star Wars fans have given a couple of the movies less than exemplary marks. The problem with being a ‘true’ fan is that it typically doesn’t allow a person to just enjoy an idea no matter how off track it might seem, but one thing that any fan should know is that Disney is just getting warmed up as Bob Iger has stated, per David Pountain of We Got This Covered:

“It’s been an incredibly fulfilling and a very exciting journey, but actually, I think, in many respects we’re just getting started. We’ve accomplished a lot – obviously with the saga films, the Skywalker Saga – and the opening of Galaxy’s Edge here in California and in Florida, and of course, a few other films along the way and TV series. But it feels like we’re just starting to mine the full potential of what Star Wars is and what Star Wars can be.”

That could be inspirational or it could be ominous depending on how one looks at it since some folks are really satisfied with how Star Wars has gone thus far and others are cringing to think that it might go even further from the original story than it already has. Personally, looking back at the trilogy after having seen every movie thus far it feels as though Disney might have a chance to get it right if they keep going the way they have been. Alonso Duralde of The Wrap has something to say about the trilogies that might be interesting to some. The idea of The Last Jedi wasn’t horrible, but the pushing of so many feminist ideals in such a forceful manner was a little too over the top. The Force Awakens is hard to judge largely because it was a return to something that we hadn’t seen in a good deal of time, while the Rise of Skywalker was a fitting end it feels like and a possible bridge towards a continuation that will hopefully see the franchise continue to expand and show more of the known and unknown universe in which Star Wars exists. There are many upon many more aliens we could see, parts of the galaxy that haven’t really been touched upon yet, and stories that could still be developed with Rey as the new Jedi Master and a new batch of Jedi in the making to bring with her. And of course the Sith will need to make an appearance, or at the very least a dark Jedi or two since having one side of the Force without the other makes for kind of a poor and imbalanced story.

There are plenty of threats and issues throughout the galaxy however that might need to be solved and the challenges that remain are plentiful since it’s not a perfect galaxy and there are many upon many characters that will always be at odds with each other. The Chiss for example would be a great bunch to bring into the mix, as would the Yuuzhan Vong, a race of aliens that are extraordinarily tough and can even take on the Jedi in head to head combat. Then there are those Jedi that escaped Order 66 that could still be out in the galaxy, perhaps waiting for the balance to be restored so that they can reveal themselves once again. There are a lot of stories that can be brought to the forefront, it’s just a matter of whether Disney will do this or force the writers to come up with something so entirely different that it will take some getting used to. So long as the story of Star Wars is kept within the realms of what it’s always been though and innovation is being experienced for the sake of keeping it alive and moving forward, not just because it’s neat and new, then Disney should be able to make something of this for many years to come.

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