10 Things You Didn’t Know About Star Divine

Star Divine

Many celebrities adopt alternate names that will sound more attractive to the public. For instance, Tom Cruise is really ‘Tom Mapother’, and Demi Moore is really named ‘Demetria Guynes. We think you’ll agree that the star probably wouldn’t have come off to fans as attractive with names like those. The thing is that these stars admit they have stage names. Granted, they waited until they had made it, but they did admit it.

Not so with some celebrities. It doesn’t matter how crazy their name sounds, no matter how obvious it is that the name is made up, they will not admit it. Or they will, but they won’t divulge their real one, and this is understandable, but some insist that their name is the name they were given at birth, though we are sure of otherwise. Take Summer Bunni, for instance. Or the celebrity who is the focus today, Star Divine.

But seriously, with all presumptions aside, Star Divine, who is also known as ‘West Coast Barbie’, is a reality show star and model who has also garnered quite an Instagram following, with more than 220k followers. She was on the show ‘Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood’ at one time, but is currently more famous for different things that have been discussed in the gossip mags as a girlfriend of rapper Safaree than for another show. Aside from the above facts, what do we really know about her?

Well, let’s discover some new things about this celebrity. We have put together yet another ’10 Things’ list, this one all about Star Divine. Whether you already know as much as you think you can about this person, or have just heard of her as you began to read this, you’re about to get some knowledge. So, keep on reading and expect to be surprised as we fill you in on celebrity with the heavenly name: Star Divine.

1. Birthday and Zodiac Information

Star was born on August 27, 1987 in California; she is 32-years-old. She is a Virgo according to our Zodiac, and was born in the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese Zodiac. Virgo women are individuals who have a very exacting nature about them. To others, they come off as being a bit reserved and intellectual, but they all have a bit of a wild child living on the inside just waiting for her turn to be let out. When it comes to sexuality, they are not very outward about it, but their reserved ways seem to do the trick for them just fine.

2. She’s A Fighter

Star Divine (not to be confused with YouTube’s ‘Divine Munchies’, whose real name happens to be ‘Star’) gained a bit of attention in 2017 for the fact that she not only dated Nicki Minaj’s ex, Safaree Samuels, but also for beating him up enough to cause injuries. As a matter of fact, it came out that the pair were dating BECAUSE she beat him up; a witness said she hit him over the head with a pole. One Instagram user stated that they got into a ‘public brawl’. Star made statements on Snapchat that she didn’t feel sorry for him, and it was implied that he had it coming, for one reason or another. A friend of Safaree claimed that she was the cause of his injuries.

3. Love and Hip-Hop

Star joined the cast of ‘Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood’ while still dating Safaree, who happened to be a cast member. She joined the show at its fourth season, which began in April of 2017. By the time the news came out that she was to join the cast, she and Safaree had already had their ups and downs, enough of them to be considered ‘on-again, off-again’ at that point.

4. Why ‘West Coast Barbie’?

Star is the owner of a hair boutique called ‘Barbie’s Hair Extensions, but that really isn’t why she is referred to as ‘West Coast Barbie’. It is said that she got the nickname because of her signature long pink hair, which was what she mostly sported a couple of years ago. Currently, her hair is a natural-looking brown. The funny thing is that Safaree ex Nicki Minaj is also known to be called ‘Pink Barbie’. Strange, indeed.

5. A Regretful Tattoo?

When it came out that Star and Safaree were dating and that she would be on L&HHH, many articles and interviews followed. One article by SOHH revealed that she had his name tattooed on her shoulder, which was touted as meaning that she intended to ‘go the long haul’ with the man. That was in February of 2017, but by May it was revealed that they broke up ‘to total strangers’ due to rumors of him cheating on her.

6. A Spitting Image?

Well, we have deducted that Star was likely on LHHH as a direct result of dating Safaree, but we do know that, piggyback star or not, she brought some serious drama to the television reality show. It seems that after she and Safaree broke up, Star started seeing ‘Zell’ from the program. In one particular episode, from November of this year, Zell had a fashion show. During that episode, Star had a falling out with co-star Tricia over a comment Zell made to Tricia. When Star put in her two cents, things turned bad. Before anyone knew it, Star had spit on Tricia. SPIT on her. We think that’s over the line, but what do we know?

7. She’s Not Above Begging

After her breakup with Safaree, Star went to her Instagram account to air her feelings. She wound up begging him, right there on social media, to get back with her, stating that she would literally do anything to get back together with him. It was right there for all the world to see, according to BET. She posted a photo of Safaree with a caption that read, ‘I would do anything for him to be mine again! I miss him in my world.’ Well, if there’s no shame in her game, who are we to judge?

8. Social Media Presence

As we know already, Star is active on social media. On Instagram she has more than 255k followers, and she can be found at @stardivine. On Twitter, you can locate Star at @realstardivine. Star uses both platforms often, and fans are able to check out some of her more mellow, as well as some of the more outrageous, posts that she shares with the public.

9. Net Worth

Star has accumulated most of the money she has from her part on LHHH, but she is also considered a model and ‘digital influencer’. While it is unknown how much of the last two can be considered in her net worth, we can assume there is a little bit in the grand total, or why claim them? Anyway, as of March, 2019, Star’s estimated net worth from all of her ventures is an approximate $3 million. All things considered, that’s not too bad, especially when she was virtually unknown prior to the reality show and Safaree.

10. Scandalous

Well, for the big topper, we thought we would put the icing on the cake with a break-up bit. According to Urbanislandz, when Safaree cheated on Star, his stuff was at her house because the pair had been living together. Well, when his cheating was brought to her attention, Star didn’t pack his things for him to pick up, she gave all of his things away. Yep…from his clothes to his microphone, she re-homed his belongings. She also managed to call him a nasty a–and a bum on Snapchat, fronting out his cheating for all the world to see. Well, well you play with the bull, you get the horns, right?

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