10 Things You Didn’t Know about Charli D’Amelio

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Charli D’Amelio

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Charli D’Amelio

If you’re not even entirely certain what TikTok is, you’re not alone. It seems that it’s more for the younger generation than it is for anyone over the age of 30, but that’s all right. There are always going to be social media platforms that pop up suddenly and confuse us for a moment. TikTok star Charli D’Amelio is a young woman not yet out of her teens who has made some choices in her life that might have made her feel like she became a big name overnight, and she’s not wrong. She did just that, and we have a few things we want to share with her about you as her name is one that might just be on your mind lately.

1. She’s An Internet Sensation

You see, she’s just a teen girl with a TikTok account she uses to lip sync to her favorite songs while dancing around her bedroom or wherever she is in her house. She’s not doing anything that is super amazing or fantastic, but she’s still famous. People just seem to love her no matter what she does — or doesn’t do, in this case.

2. She’s Literally An Overnight Sensation

Most ‘overnight sensations’ will tell you that their lives were not nothing to everything overnight. They didn’t have a hit all of a sudden that made them famous. Most celebrities work long, hard, dirty hours for months, years, even decades before they actually get their break — and we think they did it overnight. However, Charli D’Amelio was an overnight sensation — well, three months of overnight. She had 100,000 followers at the end of August, and she’s currently up to more than 12 million.

3. She Doesn’t Get it

She cannot tell you what changed, where people decided to follow her, or whatever. She has no clue where her stardom came from, but she’s enjoying it with some other things she’s decided to work on in the meantime. She’s not exactly spending her life all alone doing nothing with her newfound following.

4.Boys Love Her

Most of her followers who love her seem to be teenage boys who want to do duets with her on the app. They want to spend time with her, be there with her, and be friends with her. They seem to love her the most, and that’s not a surprise given how cute she is. She’s living her best teenage life.

5. Girls Aren’t Digging Her

It seems that many of the people who are giving her the most hell for her newfound fame are other teenage girls, and we can only assume it has to do with the jealously they are feeling as she reaches stardom. She’s done quite well, and they don’t seem to like it. She’s pretty, she seems nice enough, and people seem to love her. The other girls her age probably want the same thing, and they are not happy that they are not living with that kid of fame and good fortune, and frankly, this does not surprise us.

6. She’s Charitable

She once did a local meet and greet with her hometown fans, and she charged $100 for a VIP experience that allowed them to get to meet her and spend some time with her, and she donated all the money to charity. Well, she had to spend some of it on security detail to keep her safe since she is a teenage girl with an internet following, but the rest went to charity. What a sweet girl.

7. She’s Got an Older Sister who Could Be Her Twin

Her name is Dixie, she has a million followers herself, and she looks almost exactly like her sister. What is totally strange is that they are not twins, and they are not that close in age. However, their resemblance is amazing, and it’s hard to ignore the fact that they do look so much alike. We love it, and we think her fans love it, too.

8. She’s a Dancer

She might be an internet star right now, but she’s been a dancer her entire life, and that’s what she is looking to do with her life. She wants to spend her time doing things that make her better, that bring her joy. She loves to dance, and her goal is to make a career out of that if she can. She’s good at all types of dance, too, but we don’t know which one is her favorite. She might have one that she loves more than the other, but she does think that dancing, as a whole, is such a beautiful art. We agree with her on that one, too.

9. She has Supportive Parents

What’s great about Charli D’Amelio is how much her parents love her and support her. They sometimes show up in her videos online and they seem to really support what she is doing and how she is doing it. We don’t know what that means otherwise for her, but she is not someone who has much else to do with her life other than live it. She’s still young, and her parents have given her such a beautiful gift in their support for her. She loves that, and it works for her. They seem like a close family, and that is a sweet thing that works.

10. She Loves her Fans

She might not understand what it is about her that makes her so famous, but she’s nothing short of totally enamored by her fans for making her this famous. She’s another of the famous for not much kind of people, but she’s not someone who seems like she is taking that for granted or that she is doing things that are questionable. She’s the kind of girl who seems to have her life in order, she seems to know what she wants, and she seems to have some big plans. We suspect she will continue to make her fans happy in the meantime, too. She loves them.

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