The Top Uses of Nicki Minaj Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Nicki Minaj Songs in Movies or TV

When you learn about Nikki Minaj’s upbringing you get to understand a lot about where her attitude came from, and it happens to be that she didn’t grow up in a structured household. Some people might say that this doesn’t matter but Nikki has admitted that she wanted structure and craved it for a long time. Her upbringing followed her around for a while however as she took on and was dismissed from around 15 jobs for being discourteous to the customers, something that usually comes from not being taught the kind of respect in the home that can translate to the rest of a person’s life. At this point however she can treat people as she likes since her fans are going to be there for her no matter what it seems, though she seems to have toned things down a bit at times when it comes to treating people with some respect.

When it comes to her songs though and how they’re used in movies and TV you can see where that edge comes in handy.

5. Saturday Night Live – Chun-Li

She’s been described as hard to deal with and work with at times but Nikki does put on a great show. You might think that not singing along with the entire song would be cringe-worthy since it’s happened before and ruined a couple of musicians, but this seemed pretty controlled and she didn’t skip a beat when it came down to getting the performance down. She definitely has an edge to her music and her performances that doesn’t allow for a lot of self-doubt and can wow the audience in a way that they should expect by now but don’t always manage to see coming even after so long.

4. I Feel Pretty – Swalla

One of the most basic tenets of this movie is feeling good about who you are and what you look like. Amy Schumer obviously isn’t the thinnest woman in movies or on TV and she knows it but whether or not she’s insecure about it she did manage to make a movie that showed that people need to lighten up and just enjoy their bodies the way they are. After all no one’s perfect and the idea that anyone is remains kind of laughable since even perfect people have flaws that you don’t always see. It’s usually better to live with any imperfections and enjoy your life rather than be hung up on something you can or can’t change.

3. Fifty Shades Darker – Bom Bidi Bom

Those that love the story and the movies are those that tend to still say that they would never enter into a relationship with someone like Mr. Grey and yet fully enjoy the idea of what he and Ana do behind closed doors. For all that however people, women mostly, have enjoyed these movies even if they didn’t believe that they held up with the books. Of course if they were going to be true to the books it seems more likely that they would receive an NC-17 rating without any hesitation on the part of MPAA. As exotic and erotic as the movies get the books are rumored to be much, MUCH more graphic.

2. Get Hard – Beez In The Trap

This is what happens when one of the whitest people in the world tries to make a movie that has him dress up like someone he’s not. So many people still believe in Will Ferrell that it’s become a mystery as to why. He’s a great supporting actor but as a lead he just seems to flop about like a fish. Without disrespect to him or to Kevin Hart this movie was kind of a no-go from the start since it seems to show a lot of stereotypes that just don’t live up to reality and in truth only seem to drag the movie down that much more as the entire story is something that a person might watch on a newscast.

1. Bad Moms – Hey Mama

This is like a big shout out to all the overworked and underappreciated moms out there that just need a night or two, or more, to blow off some steam and let it all hang out. Bad Moms is one of those movies you’ll likely laugh at or sit watching in horror as the moms in the film just decide to cut loose and stop being so prim, proper, and nurturing to those in their lives that don’t seem ready to give anything back but are always ready to take when it suits them. While it’s not indicative of every family this is for those moms that could really use a break and a good laugh.

So she might have a bit of an edge to her but there is reason. Nikki Minaj isn’t always the nicest person but that edge does manage to help her music quite a bit.

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