Did You Know that Tenet Made Unexpected Movie History?

John David Washington was actually there to help make history a couple of times in a single year, but his time on Tenet was special since thanks to the $200 million dollar price tag that Tenet came with and the fact that Washington was the lead for the movie, history was made. As always there are plenty of people that would seek to give their ‘what about’ speech, and Black Panther would be at the top of that list for good reason. But the trick here is that Tenet was an original idea, where Black Panther came from an idea that had already been proven and been used a number of times before being brought to the big screen. Not only that, but Tenet was as successful as it could be given the fact that it opened during the pandemic and was bound and determined to do something on the big screen no matter if only a handful of people at a time could make it out to see the movie. The entertainment industry was hit pretty hard by the pandemic over the past year, and in fact, it’s safe to say that some folks are still recovering, but thanks to examples such as Tenet a lot of people kept moving forward as much as they could, doing what was necessary to get by and coming up with ways to keep the ball rolling so to speak. Very little about the past year has been easy on a lot of people since dealing with a pandemic and a world that’s growing increasingly hostile once again has been the type of difficulty that a lot of people don’t fully understand, but the entertainment industry has still been there and thankfully those involved have still been doing what they can in order to give people what they can in terms of distractions and a pleasant escape, if only for a couple of hours or so, from their own personal problems.

Washington also made history by starring in Malcolm & Marie, one of the first movies to be released during the pandemic, so as of now he’s got a lot going for him and it’s a hope that’s echoed by many that Washington will keep rising in the ranks of the Hollywood elite in order to create his own legacy much as his father, Denzel Washington, did years ago. John has been pretty adamant about wanting to do his own thing and not build off of his father’s name, preferring to take on his own career and build from the ground up. Thus far he’s been doing just that and he’s been entertaining people in a big way as folks have come to enjoy what he’s done and are hoping to see more in the near future. Now that the entertainment industry is making a big return to normalcy, one step at a time, of course, it feels that we’ll be seeing him and more of Christopher Nolan’s contributions as time goes on. At the moment it does sound as though Nolan has something in the works, but it’s not for certain what it might be. There are rumors that he’ll be rebooting one of his popular offerings, Memento, though how this will work, or if it will work, is still in question to be sure. Nolan has become a legend in the industry just as Washington is quickly becoming a favored actor to many, and both of them have managed to help keep up the interest in keeping the entertainment business alive along with many others that have done what they could over the past year.

One thing to take note of is that the entertainment industry didn’t fade off and go away as everyone was worried about since, to be honest, it’s not going to happen. There’s too much money involved, too many people that need the work, and too much interest for the public to ever fully turn away from Hollywood. It’s a bold statement, but in one way or another, entertainment is here to stay due to the metaphorical but very real symbiotic bond that’s been formed between the industry and the people that help to keep it alive. The fans want to be entertained, and the actors and crew want to be paid for their efforts, so one way or another both are going to strive to give the other what they need in order to keep this cycle moving forward, which is a big reason why we get everything from movies that were shot on an iPhone to huge blockbusters that cost hundreds of millions to make. People are going to pay, and thus entertainers are going to produce the best content they can for the money. It’s not a perfect system by any means since there’s always something that will cause people to gripe, but it’s the system that’s been created and the bond that people cling to since they need a bit of wonder in their lives.

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