How Dexter’s Trinity Spin-Off Could Actually Succeed

How Dexter’s Trinity Spin-Off Could Actually Succeed

Following the success of Dexter: New Blood and the renewed interest in the franchise, the writers of the show have been hard at work creating numerous Dexter spin-offs. These shows include season 2 of Dexter: New Blood which will focus on Harrison (Jack Alcott) following the death of Dexter (Michael C. Hall), and the prequel Dexter: Origins, which will follow Dexter in his early years as a serial killer. Perhaps the most interesting series that is in the works is Dexter: Trinity, which will follow the notorious Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) on his journey to becoming one of the most notorious killers in the country.

Although many fans like the character of Trinity, and he was arguably the best villain in Dexter, it doesn’t guarantee that the new Dexter spin-off show will be successful or that it should even be made in the first place. The complexities of the Trinity Killer may make his a compelling character to center a story around, but not one to root for. However, if a series is going to work, here is how Dexter: Trinity should be written.

Trinity’s Dexter Spin-Off Should Focus On Lundy

How Dexter’s Trinity Spin-Off Could Actually Succeed

Special Agent Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine) appears in Season Two of Dexter as he helps to investigate the Bay Harbor Butcher murders and later returns in Season Four after retiring to try and finally solve the Trinity Killer case. Lundy had been investigating the murders for many years by this point and was the first agent to figure out the MO of Trinity, tying 30 years of murders together, and connecting them to the same person.

Despite how great Lithgow is as an actor, it could be incredibly difficult to base an entire show around the Trinity character. One reason why Dexter Morgan worked so well as a character was because he was incredibly likable despite his murders, which viewers, could justify because he was doing them for the right reasons (or so we told ourselves). When it came to Trinity, outside of Lithgow’s fantastic acting abilities, the character had no redeeming qualities and was pure evil.

It would make more sense to center the Dexter: Trinity spin-off around Lundy and his investigations into the Trinity murders, following him as he discovers the pattern and searches for suspects. This doesn’t mean that Trinity won’t be heavily featured, but more as a secondary story and character, who lives a double life and evades capture.

The Dexter Trinity Show Should Be A Limited Event Series

Dexter: Trinity spin-off

Unlikely Dexter: New Blood, which will be continuing for multiple seasons, the Dexter: Trinity spin-off should be a limited event series. Although the story and character are both incredibly compelling, there is only so much story that can be told before events repeat themselves. Trinity committed his crimes in the same four murder pattern, so once we have seen it on the screen once, it won’t be as exciting or shocking to see it a second time.

While the chances are slim, it is possible to extend the Dexter: Trinity spin-off series to multiple seasons. If the focus is more on the investigation rather than Trinity himself, it would provide a viable avenue for a longer run. Even then, it would have to be more of a crime drama rather than a focus on the Trinity character, which, after all, is the main reason fans of Dexter will be tuning in.

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