Dexter: Origins Needs To Learn From 2 Very Different TV Shows

Dexter has a dedicated fanbase that will keep watching whatever prequel, sequel, or franchise spin off the writers offer. Michael C. Hall made the role his own in a way that very few other actors would have been able to, and viewers spent more than a decade across nine seasons watching Dexter (Hall) commit atrocious acts in his own twisted sense of justice. Now fans of the show will soon go back in time to see how it all began. Dexter: Origins, an upcoming prequel series, will transport viewers back to a time when Dexter was just learning how to follow Harry’s (James Remar) code, and take the lives of his earliest victims.

This is a time period many fans will be curious about, as we get a glimpse at what made Dexter the monster he would become. But, it could be very easy for the writers to get it wrong. Here is what the writers of Dexter: Origins could learn from 2 very different TV shows.

Dexter: Origins Can Steal Young Sheldon’s Trick

Dexter Origins prequel young sheldon

It might be surprising to hear but Dexter and Young Sheldon both share the same key trait which is vital for the storytelling in the show, the main character is also the narrator. In Young Sheldon, Jim Parsons, the actor of Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, narrates the show and the events going on in his younger self’s life. In Dexter, the character of Dexter narrates the thoughts in his head in real time. When it comes to Dexter: Origins, this should continue with Hall narrating the thoughts and events of the younger Dexter. The character of Dexter will always be defined by Hall’s portrayal, Dexter: Origins will be better off with the actor being involved in the show, even if he is not on the screen similar to Parsons and Young Sheldon.

If the writers fail to get Hall on board with Dexter: Origins prequel, it does run the real risk of failing to connect with the audience as it will already be difficult to visualize any other actor in the role. Having the familiarity of Hall in the show to help bring continuity, as well as bridging the gap between Dexter: Origins and the main show will have a greater chance of succeeding. What’s more Young Sheldon has proven this formula works.

The Winchesters’ Supernatural Prequel Is A Warning For Dexter: Origins

Dexter: Origins Needs To Learn From 2 Very Different TV Shows

Another TV show that Dexter: Origins needs to learn from is The Winchesters, a prequel to Supernatural. The Winchesters fails to build its own strong identity due to its failure to connect itself with the main show, instead opting to try be its own thing. Where Young Sheldon connects itself to The Big Bang Theory at every turn, The Winchesters fails to do that with Supernatural for the most part, outside of few characters being reused and the occasional cameo or nod to the show. But, if Dexter: Origins is to succeed it needs to look at what Young Sheldon has done right, while also avoiding what The Winchesters has gotten wrong.

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