Artist Creates Amazing Steampunk Sculptures From The Trash

I happen to be a tremendous fan of anything steampunk.  I’ve rarely ever seen something transformed into a steampunk style and not instantaneously look way better than the original piece.  When you have the talent to make just about anything steampunk I think you’re going to easily find a market for your work.  Speaking of which I’m a tremendous fan of the work of artist Arturas Tamasauskas.   He takes pieces of garbage and turns them into amazing steampunk creations.  You have to see some of this stuff to believe it.  Here’s what Arturas says about it:

Hello, my name is ArtÅ«ras and I’m from Lithuania. I create steampunk art and use various antique stuff and metal details. I hope to get some support from you. There are my steampunk style works. More info: | Facebook

More pictures below:

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