Why Dexter: New Blood’s Ending Was Perfect (After Season 8)

Why Dexter: New Blood’s Ending Was Perfect (After Season 8)
Why Dexter: New Blood’s Ending Was Perfect (After Season 8)
Editor’s Note: The article below contains spoilers for Dexter’s series finale and Dexter: New Blood’s Season 1 Ending.

Dexter‘s original ending was not well received and caused an uproar among fans of the show, however, the ending of  Dexter: New Blood, is seen as nearly perfect, as the finale tied up all the loose ends of stories that it failed to deal with in Season 8.  The series followed the conflict of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a Miami Metro Police Department blood-spatter analyst who moonlights as a vigilante serial killer. Dexter Morgan hunted known murderers who escaped justice as he tried to hide his own criminal activities from his peers and family under the guiding principles of his adoptive father, a policeman. In the end, the series ended in a major disappointment, sparking controversy over its legacy.

The original ending showed Dexter escaping after cutting off Debbie’s (Jennifer Carpenter) life support and dumping her in the ocean after she had suffered a stroke due to being previously shot. Meanwhile, Hannah, (Yvonne Strahovski), escaped to Buenos Aires to raise Dexter’s son, Harrison. While everyone thinks Dexter committed suicide, he is seen in the end scene, working for a lumber company, trying to suppress his dark side. Fans of the show were not happy with the original ending, as it ended ambiguously.

Dexter: New Blood Ended Dexter & Deb’s Stories Properly

Why Dexter: New Blood’s Ending Was Perfect (After Season 8)

Eight years later, the producers came up with an alternate ending to the show, taking place ten years later. Dexter lives under a new identity in New York, while his son Harrison is on a quest to find him. The focus is more on family, than murder. Although Deb died in the original ending, she becomes Dexter’s new inner voice, replacing Dexter’s Dad, Harry. She becomes an echo, connecting Dexter to his past. In many ways, that was a satisfying choice that kept Deb’s spirit alive and her connection with Dexter was revived in an interesting way, which made his character even more intriguing than before since she could provoke him like one else.

Harrison’s Ending Breaks The Cycle In A Way Season 8 Couldn’t

Why Dexter: New Blood’s Ending Was Perfect (After Season 8)

Since many fans were hoping for justice regarding Dexter’s heinous crimes, the new ending which had Harrison (Jack Alcott) end the cycle of violence, was perfect for that reason. Harrison killed his father for all his sins and vigilantism, which haunted him. That Dexter murdered Logan before that, was only the cherry on top to make Harrison fully flip and make up his mind. Death was inevitable for Dexter’s character in order to end the cycle of violence and cause the demise of the “dark passenger.” It also evoked even more emotions, that it came at the hands of his own son.

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