Wheel of Fortune Contestant Misses Out on Over $7,000 for Mispronouncing “Flamenco”

Everyone has seen someone giving the wrong answer on a game show. Sometimes this makes people feel sorry for the contestant and at other times, their response is just hilarious. Seeing a contestant providing wrong answers is all part of the fun and entertainment of game shows. That is certainly the case when watching ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and one recent unlucky contestant made a mistake that cost him a large pot of prize money.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ is a game show where contestants spin a wheel to build cash and earn the right to choose a letter in an attempt to reveal the hidden word. If the letter they have chosen is in the word, they have the opportunity to guess the answer.

There have been many occasions when nearly all the answer is revealed and those watching have already guessed the answer. Unfortunately, the contestant guesses the answer incorrectly and then loses the chance of winning the prize money.

That is exactly what happened to a contestant called Jonny. The words up on the game board were almost revealed and to solve the problem correctly, he just had to say ‘flamenco dance lessons’. It is not clear whether Jonny misread the words or if the wrong words simply came out of his mouth, but this is not the response he gave. Instead, he incorrectly answered ‘flamingo dance lessons’.

Sadly, this was a very costly error as it robbed him of the chance to win $7,000.He was probably kicking himself for days for not realizing that there is no such thing as flamingo dance lessons before he blurted out the answer.

One thing that is for sure is that Jonny is not the only game show contestant to have found himself in a situation where a mispronunciation has cost him a lot of money. It is surprisingly common for these situations to occur on game shows.

The perfect example of this is a contestant called Nick who appeared on ‘Jeopardy!’ in January 2018. He was also penalized for making a mispronunciation with his response. He was asked to name the Coolio song that was featured in the film ‘Dangerous Minds’, which was one of rapper Coolio’s most successful hits.

In response to this question, Nick answered ‘Gangster’s Paradise’. Initially, the answer was accepted by the host and his prize money increased. However, the host then stopped proceedings to tell Nick that the game show’s judges had decided not to allow his response as the correct answer is actually ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’. This resulted in his winnings falling back down to the total prior to giving the response. In all, his mispronunciation had cost him $3,200 and lot him the lead in the competition.

Of course, social media users thought this was hilarious and there were various funny posts about contestant Nick not being ‘Gangsta’ enough for the show. It is amazing how such a simple error on a game show can end in people losing the chance to win such large sums of money.

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