Desperate Housewives 7.16 “Searching…” Review

The ‘mysterious’ Housewife who met an untimely end in the fashion of Mary Alice Young on last night’s Desperate Housewives wasn’t too much of a mystery after all if you followed contractual obligations for the cast. With that said, the episode was still tastefully done even if you could see the ending coming from Siberia or in a galaxy far, far away.

Beth Young’s path has come to an end and while she didn’t make much of an impact with me other than a simple nice addition to the street, her swan song was still pretty wild and harrowing, especially after her dear old mom, Felicia Tillman, literally and figuratively wrote Beth out of her life for ‘screwing up’ so much. When Felicia let those words escape her mouth, she went from wicked scene stealer to deranged person who must be put out of her misery. How can you gain sympathy for revenge when you disown your only child who was only doing what you told her to do? Maybe Felicia will regain some sense of a heart after finding out her daughter’s dead and will probably blame it on Paul, which will not be the best way to take the story in my opinion.

It’s a shame how the events involving this story has turned out, because despite all the Season One allusions this year, DH has took those exciting elements from that inaugural season and turned them on their heads… and not in a good way.

Speaking of Beth’s death, we have to look at Bree’s storyline which was the string that pulled the trigger that took Beth out and also correllated with Susan’s terminal illness plot. What I didn’t get was why didn’t Bree and the girls get tested first to see if they were donors? It would seem like the most logical step before herding all of Wisteria Lane to her house and forcing them to take the test. Despite that being the funniest scene of the night (with Roy’s line of being able to “take Gaby” at the door being the screecher), I felt that it was a long stretch to get Beth in the position that led her to commit suicide. Even though that bugged me a little, I will still have faith in the writers to turn this plot around and salvage it before the end of the season, because I’m drawing blanks on where they can take it now, which is one thing for me to do, but another for the writers themselves. Let’s hope they have a nice pretty canvas painted out when it’s all said and done.

The three regular storylines with Gaby, Lynetty, Renee, and Susan were pretty much plot fillers for the week. I’m kind of upset about the neglect Vanessa Williams is facing so late in the season. It’s like she’s an after thought with the writers as she’s put in lame situations. Last night’s episode was no different by further making her out to be some incompetent fool in the eyes of Lynette. At this rate, Renee can’t do anything but be a mean person when they need a scalding one-liner and it’s highly one dimensional at this point and Vanessa Williams needs more to chew on. We still don’t know anything about Renee’s past, which is where her storylines should be building on instead of being second fiddle to the other four women’s problems of the week. Major improvement needed in this department. Writers, PLEASE give this something to work with!!! Please and Thank You!

It was nice to see Mike display panic about Susan’s situation, because for awhile I didn’t know if the man was that worried given he’s mostly been absent during most of the treatments Susan’s been through. He might will not have to worry too long now given Bree’s (or Beth’s?) kidney is a match for Susan, but did we have any doubt that Susan would get better?

At this point of the season, it’s safe to say that despite a lot of great reveals and storylines that have we’ve been given this year, Desperate Housewives has still been kind of a jumbled mess this year in terms of character. With heavy-hitting plots involving kids being switched at birth and kidney failures, it would seem that we would see a consistent way of how the women dealt with their issues and the ramifications that followed, but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case at certain times of the season, which is beginning to get frustrating.

In the end, I still enjoyed the episode, but I wanted more. How about you? What did you guys think about tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives? Were you shocked at Beth’s suicide? Should the show spice things up or what? Let your voice be heard in the Forums!

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