Desperate Housewives 7.10 “Down The Block There’s A Riot” Review


Ok, everyone, say it with me:

Who Shot Paul Young?!

Tonight’s Desperate Housewives was an edge of your seat thrill ride, ending only with the shot heard throughout Wisteria Lane. Forget what I said last week about Paul’s plan being too bland. Tonight, Christmas came early in a much needed twist in this season’s mystery, but with so many guns flying around Wisteria Lane who knows who could’ve pulled that trigger? Hopefully, we will be kept guessing until May, or have another twist laid out for us for February sweeps. Until then, let’s discuss what went down tonight.

Paul’s plan became crystal clear and it really brought out the nastiness of the neighbors within and around Wisteria Lane, which is the ironic twist of the whole matter. So in retrospect, no, Paul’s plan wasn’t to bring the property value down on the houses of Wisteria Lane by housing ex-convicts there. His plan was to reveal to the denizens of Wisteria Lane just how monstrous they were themselves, and the results were pretty revealing.

When Parker spoke up to Lynette in a quizzical manner, you couldn’t help bu wish that Lynette would listen. Just for a second, so that the entire debacle could’ve been prevented and they wouldn’t have fallen right into the diabolical hands of Paul Young. The other setback was including the other neighboring Housing Authority who looked like goons in sheep’s clothing. They were itching for a fight and they got it, injuring innocent people (Keith, Susan, Mrs. McClusky, and even Lee) in the process. The whole riot was quite a harrowing display of what happens when good intentions go wrong. Everyone turned into a monster of sorts, not knowing that they were no better than the people they were protesting against, which in some twisted sense proved Paul right in his assumption of the neighborhood.

But that doesn’t mean that Paul gets away scott free in this. Paul is in no position to want revenge. He killed a woman in cold blood. A woman who acted on her own will and started to blackmail his wife. None of the other neighbors had anything to do with that, most importantly, the kids of Wisteria had nothing to do with Mrs. Huber’s actions. So, Paul might as well come down off that high horse of his, because he’s been implicated in murder himself. Twice. So that gunshot to the chest? Very much needed. Which brings us to…

Who Shot Paul Young?

There are three suspects in this case, namely Bree, Lee, and Beth, the former two being card carrying members of the Gun Toting Club of Wisteria Lane. In fact, the entire neighborhood is on the suspects list, but I’m putting my money on one of the Housewives as pulling the trigger. Maybe Gaby? It would be one helluva twist…

Other Wisteria Lane Business

– Juanita found out the truth about the baby switch and nearly got hurt in her dealing process. I wonder where this twist will go in the second half of the season, because Juanita might become more hard to handle than ever before.

– Susan gave Tom and Renee an ultimatum. Personally, I didn’t think Susan should’ve stuck her nose in the way she did. Maybe harbor the secret a bit, but not be proud to do so. Again, this is where good intentions can have disastrous results. What Tom and Renee did was wrong, but why stir that pot after all these years? I don’t condone infidelity, but this situation is pretty sticky and the dynamic of Tom and Lynette will forever be tarnished now that this secret is out.

– Richard made his move on Bree and got his butt kicked for it by Keith. Although Richard was in the wrong, it’s hard to not think that Keith himself took a big long look at what he was about to get himself into and freaked out. Maybe it was the thought of marriage, or the thought of the age difference finally donning on him. Either way, Richard only watered a seed that was already planted.

Well, who are your suspects for Who Shot Paul Young?

See you guys on Jan. 2nd 2011!

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