Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Jade Really As Troubled As We Think?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Jade Really As Troubled As We Think?

Days of Our Lives has had a little more Jade this week, and it make us want to know a bit more about her. It’s true her life has been one big series of ups and downs. Her parents don’t seem particularly amazing in the parenting department — or the people department. They’re not exactly there for her. They don’t do anything for her to make her feel good about herself. They’re not there for her. They’re not good to her, and they’re not the kind of people who seem overly interested in having kids in the first place. It’s really too bad, but there are too many parents like that to shock us.

What we do want to know is what is wrong with Jade? She’s telling her friend to make a sex tape despite knowing it’s not a good idea, and she doesn’t seem to care at all. She’s not invested in her friendship if she’s telling her to do this, or perhaps she has some ulterior motives we’re unaware of. Our problem with Jade is we want to see her do the right thing. For a moment when she was pregnant with Joey’s baby, she seemed to change. She seemed nicer, more mature, and more responsible. What we think is that she’s craving a family of her own. Her family doesn’t treat her like family, and it’s not a good situation.

We’ve come to the conclusion that Jade is not a bad girl. She’s a good kid with a good heart, but she’s acting out for attention. She’s not getting it, and we think this girl desperately needs a family of her own. She needs someone who will love and care for her, and someone who will make her feel that she’s important to them. Despite what Jade is doing right now, she’s not the kind of person who has to be bad.

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