Days of Our Lives: Is A Breakdown Imminent for Gabi?

Days of Our Lives: Is A Breakdown Imminent for Gabi?

Days of Our Lives fans really like Gabi. It’s easy to like her. She’s smart, she’s tough, and she’s fair. She’s not the kind of woman who usually makes poor decisions or gets herself into trouble, but it seems to be finding her more often than not these days. It’s not always something she handles well, but she can usually pull herself together enough to get her life in order. Right now, though, she’s in a place that’s not working so well for her. She’s got a man she’s in love with who she can’t be with, another one she likes but whose family doesn’t like her family, a father in prison, and very bad man making her life miserable every chance he gets.

She’s already confronted Deimos this week, attacked him, and now she’s working on things she needs to leave behind. What we think is Gabi is going through a breakdown. It might not be evident to her, but she’s been through so much lately we can’t imagine her not being in the midst of a breakdown. She’s got too much on her plate to handle, and she’s not handling it very well. At the moment, she’s all right, but we suspect she won’t be for much longer.

We’re worried about her, and what she might do next. We have a feeling she’s going to start making some questionable decisions, and we think Chad might be one of those decisions. Will she go after him again when she’s finally breaking loose from her reality? Or will she decide she’s going to take down Deimos on her own and end up putting her life in danger? She’s breaking, and it’s not going to get any better…it’s going to get much, much worse. Can she handle it, or will she finally cross a line that might change her forever after this?

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