Danny Boyle Confirms Plans to Direct James Bond 25 This Year

Danny Boyle Confirms Plans to Direct James Bond 25 This Year

It’s been guessed and hinted at for a while now but finally Danny Boyle has confirmed that he’s going to be directing James Bond 25 later this year. Filming won’t start until the latter part of 2018 as right now they’re working on a screenplay, but Boyle is confident about the direction and is moving forward without hesitation. Daniel Craig will of course be reprising his role as the iconic spy while unfortunately Christoph Waltz won’t be returning. Boyle has pointed out that while this might have been expected there are still plenty of characters and worthy stars to draw upon in order to make a smooth transition from the most recent film, Specter, to the next one in line. One thing Bond has never been without are enemies and allies after all, so there are no doubt going to be a lot of familiar faces joining the cast and propping up the spy throughout the movie.

Boyle hasn’t given a lot away, in fact he hasn’t really given anything away, about the story at this point as he doesn’t want to ruin anything for the fans and probably doesn’t want to anger the studio, which is wise. What we do know however is that Craig, as Bond, has already taken the franchise in a new and very successful direction, which means that there is a lot of faith that this will continue to happen with number 25. Those fans that have been following Bond since Dr. No are likely anticipating a fast-paced action film that will wow the audience and reaffirm Bond’s superiority when it comes to spy flicks. Whatever Boyle has that he’s not sharing at this point is hopefully going to be something that will knock our socks off when it comes to Bond and his many adventures.

Can you imagine that? It’s been that long ago since Bond started, over fifty years and the story is still going strong. The number of stars and Bond girls and villains that have come and gone in that time have been many, but fans have still stuck around and continued to watch 007 do his thing. There have been some ups and downs with the franchise, and Daniel Craig is not immune to this since Specter was given mixed reviews despite the popularity of his brand. Connery, Dalton, Moore, Brosnan, and certainly Lazenby have all had their issues playing Bond throughout the years, but the part has defined all of them in some way. Connery even stated at one time that he in some way regretted doing James Bond since the character came to define him, and yet he was one of the greatest Bonds ever. Brosnan at least had a career before becoming Bond, while Moore and Dalton went on to do other things even if they weren’t as big. Lazenby, well, let’s just leave well enough alone.

Doyle is excited about this chance, as are many of those connected to the next film, as it has the chance to continue a legacy that’s been going strong for a little over half a century.

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