10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hwasa

You know her as Hwasa. She’s the singer, television personality, and rapper who has been steadily taking the world by storm for some time now. She’s been in the business since 2014, and she’s not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, she’s doing the exact opposite. She’s looking to make this world her oyster, and she’s looking to take over the world as best she can in the game. She’s talented, she’s gorgeous, but there is so much you just don’t know about this young woman. Here’s everything pertinent.

1. Hwasa is Not Her Real Name

Her birth name is Ahn Hye-jin. However, that was not the name she chose to use when she began her career in the industry. For one, it might not be easily recognizable if she went global with her talent. Two, having one name as a superstar is just one of those things that cements your status, isn’t it?

2. She’s South Korean

She was born and raised in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, which is located in South Korea. She was there with her parents and her two sisters. She is the youngest of the bunch, and that makes her the baby of the family. We know a thing or two about babies in the family, and we are not surprised she was so excited and ready to go to fulfill her dreams.

3. She Started as Part of a Girl Group

When she first made her musical debut in 2014, it was part of a girl group. They went by the name Mamamoo. She was one of the lead singers of the group, but it wasn’t her first real piece of work. She was featured in some other songs with some other local artists who had recognized her talent and her skill in the years past.

4. She has Endorsement Deals

She might not be looking to stay where she is in the music industry for the rest of her life. She recognizes that there is money to be made everywhere in the industry, and she is all over it. She’s also working on endorsement deals with companies such as The North Face and Gold Peak Tea.

5. She Just Broke a Record

At the end of June 2020, she broke a huge record. She released a mini album called Maria. She is now the first solo artist in the female category from Korea to have a number one iTunes Top Album release. She’s going down in history for this, and we can imagine she’s celebrating hardcore right now. This is a big win for her.

6. She Doesn’t Believe in Standards

You can look at Hwasa and tell she is gorgeous in every manner of speaking, but she doesn’t always realize that. She’s realized that she doesn’t fit what the world has told her is the traditional standard of beauty, so she’s been making sure she can handle things on her own. She’s creating her own new standards of beauty and working on those in her life right now. She’s done conforming.

7. She Loves Food

We feel like we are with her on this one. We love food. Food is good. Food is delicious. Food is so amazing when it’s paired well with the right wine and the right sides. It’s why we workout so hard. Hwasa is a foodie, and she loves it. She loves gopchang, which is a type of beef mean in Korea.

8. She Has a Phobia

There is one thing that she’s been working on throughout her life, and that is her fear of cars. She’s been afraid of cars for a few years. She was involved in a vehicle accident in 2017 with members of her band when they were traveling to an event, and she developed a fear of being in cars at that point. She knows it’s hard to get by in life without traveling by car, so she’s been working on this in her own life. It’s not easy for her, but she’s been doing what she can to get by.

9. She Feels Anxiety

Most of us do to an extent, but hers can sometimes be a bit intimidating. She states that when she feels super anxious and when she’s not in a peaceful place, she writes. She makes music. She composes. It’s what grounds her and brings her the peace that she’s been looking for in her life. We get that feeling, and we commend her for that.

10. She’s a Fashionista

As if you cannot tell by looking at her, she loves fashion. She loves to take things that seem like one thing and turn them into something else. She’s a big fan of being involved in things like her own styling and wardrobe. She has her own trendy style, and she’s always excited about it.

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