10 Things You Didn’t Know about James Devoti

10 Things You Didn’t Know about James Devoti

10 Things You Didn’t Know about James Devoti

James Devoti has been acting professionally for almost 20 years and he hasn’t always gotten the credit he deserves. Hopefully though, that will be changing soon. Throughout his career he’s appeared in a wide variety of shows and he is probably best-known for his role as Brooks Donald in American Soul. Recently, he has been getting a lot of attention for his role in The Walking Dead.  While it may not have been the biggest role, it has given James the chance to share his talent with a huge audience and it will hopefully lead to other opportunities. Additionally, James also has some other projects in the works that will continue to get his name out there. Continue reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about James Devoti.

1. He In A Relationship

Most people would agree that life can be a lot more enjoyable when you have someone to enjoy the ride with. James is lucky to have already found the person who is down to take this adventure with him. He is in a relationship with an actress named Elizabeth Ariasto. Although she hasn’t landed any starring roles yet, she has appeared in shows like The Neighborhood and Elementary.

2. He’s Been In Ads

TV and movie roles are what usually bring actors the most attention, but there are other kinds of work that can be really beneficial for an actor’s career – commercials are one of them. James appeared in a commercial for Wrangler which starred former football player Drew Brees. He also appeared in an ad campaign for Nissan.

3. He Studied Communications

James’ path to becoming a professional actor was a little different than most instead of going to drama school after high school, James enrolled at Loyola University in Maryland where he earned a bachelor’s degree in communications. Acting and communications may not have much in common on the service, but there are definitely some skills that overlap. As far as we know, James has not received any formal acting training.

4. He’s A Dog Dad

All of my pet owners out there know just how special the bond between a human and their pet can be. This is something that James is fortunate to experience first hand. He is a very proud dog dad and has a cute little French named Pablo. While Pablo has made many appearances on James’ Instagram profile, he doesn’t have an account of his own.

5. His Father Passed Away When James Was Young

From the outside looking in, it may be easy to assume that James has it all. In reality, however, he’s been through some things. When he was just 13-years-old, his father passed away after a battle with lung cancer. Although the loss is something that will always be with James, he has always done his best to honor his father’s memory.

6. He Loves Being Outside

James is the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to break a sweat and get his hands a little dirty. When he isn’t busy with work, he loves spending time outdoors and has lots of respect and admiration for the beauty of nature. Whether he’s going for a hike or relaxing at the beach, he always knows how to make the most out of a nice day.

7. He Made His TV Debut In Law & Order: SVU

Everybody has to start somewhere, and for James that ‘somewhere’ was actually a pretty cool place. James’ first TV role was in a 2004 episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The role was very small but it proved to be a great way for James to get his foot in the door. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be part of one of the longest running shows on network TV.

8. He Has Behind The Scenes Experience

When most people think of James, the work he’s done as an actor is the first thing that comes to mind. What lots of people don’t realize is that he’s also done work as a writer, director, and producer. In fact, James seems to really enjoy being behind the scenes so there’s a good chance we’ll see him do even more projects from the other side of the camera.

9. He’s A Former Athlete

Sports were a very big part of James’ life when he was younger, and he turned out to be a very talented lacrosse player. He was a member of the Lacrosse Team at Loyola University and the team was ranked number one during his freshman year. At that time, they even made it all the way to the Final Four.

10. He’s All About Family

After James’ father passed away, his mother raised James and his brother as a single parent. The three of them formed a very close bond and they all remain tight to this day. James credits his mother with teaching him the importance of hard work and going after what he wants in life.

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