Five Facts You Didn’t Know about a Young Tom Selleck

There’s so much that people know about Tom Selleck from his Magnum P.I. days and everything forward but a lot of people don’t seem to know that when he was younger he had a very active life as well. He wasn’t idle when he was in college, nor was he sitting still when he was done. Tom Selleck has made a wide swath through life doing what he wanted to do and accomplishing many things before he ever made into the TV set.

Just take a look.

5. He was on The Dating Game in 1967.

His first appearance on the show was actually in 1965 as a college senior. He was considered a dreamboat back then too it seems since they brought him back. Does anyone even remember these kind of shows? It kind of seems like reality TV has done away with them. In truth they were kind of entertaining and didn’t offer nearly as much useless drama as the shows of today do.

4. He was a male model at one point.

Selleck has always had a certain appeal to him that women have seemed to lock on. It’s hard to explain, especially to a lot of men, but the guy is pretty handsome and he does have a way about him that’s hard to ignore. Of course once he took on the role of a private detective in his own show and became known as a ladies man then things just kept rolling in that direction.

3. He played basketball for the USC Trojans.

This was while he was working as a model so you can imagine that he was a busy guy for a while. He was at USC on a basketball scholarship so he managed to play for the Trojans for a while before graduating and moving on. It’d be fun to be a USC student and go back in the archives to see that a famous guy like Tom Selleck attended your university. It’s easy to think that the university plays that up whenever they can.

2. He served in the California National Guard.

When he received a draft notice during the Vietnam War he joined the California National Guard. Selleck served in the 160th Infantry Regiment from 1967 to 1973. So it can be said that he did manage to serve his country, as being in the National Guard might not be like the Army, Marines, Navy, or Air Force, but it’s still considered serving one’s country and not bowing out as a lot of people did.

1. He joined the Sigma Chi fraternity. 

Sigma Chi is one of the oldest fraternities in the US and has well over 200 chapters across the country. He still maintains his link with the fraternity to this day since quite honestly unless you’re drummed out you don’t just quit such an organization, especially if it was good to you while you were there. Fraternities are great when they work like they’re supposed to, it’s only those few that manage to gain a bad name that serve as the stereotype for movies and TV.

He’s been a busy guy for most of his life.

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