Dane Cook’s Brother Betrayed the Comedian

Dane Cook’s Brother Betrayed the Comedian

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Although a name no longer heard often, Dane Cook was a favorite comedian for most, and the first favorite for some as Dane Cook and his comedy occupied the early 2000s until a little after 2010 when work from the comedian was slowed down almost entirely. Part of the reason for this comes from the rocky relationship between Dane Cook and his brother, which betrayed him and ultimately ended the relationship between the two, with Dane Cook coming out on top. Below, we’ve detailed Dane Cook, his brother, the betrayal that divided their relationship, and other information about Dane Cook and his career and personal life.

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Dane Cook

Some may remember Dane Cook as a comedian, while others may remember him for his film roles in some of the best comedies. The comedian has broken records for stand-up endurance performances and other records, sold out venues, been cast in lead roles in comedies and dramas, and most recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend. The latter is 26 years younger than Cook. Dane Cook lost both of his parents within a short time, as noted in his comedy specials, so Dane Cook had likely thought of anyone in the world he could trust his brother, but that didn’t appear to be the case.

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Carrer, Stand-Up, Albums, and Acting

What led Dane Cook to have such a fortune that his brother could steal millions from him was his stand-up career, as that’s where the comedian started his rise to fame on the stage. While Dane Cook had toured enough and gained enough attention that he was able to release full-length CD/DVD specials, his fame only grew from his first release on to his last release. Dane Cook’s first comedy special was called Harmful If Swallowed, which was released in 2003, and outside of his greatest hits album released in 2010, Dane Cook’s last full-length comedy album, Isolated Incident, came out in 2009. Dane Cook released five comedy specials from 2003 to 2009, but the comedian has been acting longer than most would expect, with his film television role starting in 1995 with the show Maybe This Time. While Dane Cook’s first television role may not be familiar in name, much like most of his early work, by the time 2000 came around, Dane Cook was in a film with Ben Stiller and William H. Macy, and by 2005 he had one of his first notable roles with Waiting… However, Dane Cook’s brother was his business manager already by the time Waiting… was released, so as long as Dane Cook had been forwarding his career, his brother was forwarding his own life. Dane Cook has also provided his voice to roles outside of acting in live roles. Early in his career, he played the voice of a mascot in the baseball comedy Mr. 3000, which starred Bernie Mac, and was the man behind the voice of the main character in Planes. Overall, some of the comedian and actor’s best and most notable work was released while Dane Cook’s brother had access to his money. Although he wasn’t in control of his own money at the time, his most notable roles include the above-mentioned titles as well as Good Luck Chuck, Employee of the Month, My Best Friend’s Girl, and others. Still, he also made appearances on large shows like American Gods.

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Dane Cook’s Brother

As Dane Cook had such an upstanding career, outside of his plagiarism fights that were ultimately ended by the accusing parties, with roles in films, selling out Madison Square Garden, and other notable achievements, he, of course, had plenty of money and income that needed to be handled properly. However, Dane Cook had enlisted his brother to help with such tasks, and as can happen, Dane Cook’s own family, as in his brother and wife, stole millions of dollars of his money through embezzlement. From 2004 to 2008, Dane Cook’s brother and wife, Darryl and Erika McCauley, transferred millions of dollars from Dane Cook’s business accounts to their own accounts. The couple, now in prison, purchased various high-priced items such as homes, condominiums, businesses in different states, and jewelry. Erika McCauley pleaded guilty to the accused crimes. She was sentenced to 3 years in prison, paying restitution to Dane Cook and surrendering interest to Cook from each business and property purchased with his money. Dane Cook’s brother’s case was held earlier than his wife’s, but Darryl also pleaded guilty and was sentenced. Additional fines for the couple that betrayed Dane Cook included thirteen years of probation for larceny charges and conspiracy to commit larceny.

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