6 Cult Classic Movies That Deserve Mainstream Attention

6 Cult Classic Movies That Deserve Mainstream Attention
6 Cult Classic Movies That Deserve Mainstream Attention

Even after many years from their release dates, some films stand the test of time, becoming enduring classics. There also movies that do no make significant impact on release but grow to acquire a dedicated and devoted fanbase; these are movies that are often classified as cult classics. However, in spite of their devoted fanbase, some of these films are yet to receive the mainstream attention they deserve. 

These films truly deserve more mainstream attention. This attention might taint the potency of their claim to being a cult classic, they are still deserving of more attention. Some of these films range from quirky comedies to psychological thrillers. Each one showcases the unique storytelling, directing and cinematography that characterizes the films that fit into the cult classic genre; however they are also deserving of mainstream attention.

The Princess Bride

Inigo Montoya Princess Bride

In 1987, when The Princess Bride was made, the movie industry was overly populated with a variety of films. However, what The Princess Bride had to offer was quite different from its contemporaries. The movie combined the elements of romance, comedy, and thrilling action into a fantastic cinematic experience that would keep viewers on the edge of their seats.  The movie didn’t obtain its cult status until it was released on home video and started permeating into households. The combination of an iconic storyline, memorable characters, and the successful mixture of humour and thrilling action helped cement the film’s place in the hearts of very devoted fans that make up its cult audience.

Eve’s Bayou

A scene from Eve's Bayou

A defining feature of a cult classic is its independent production, which often results in unique, boundary-pushing storytelling. The 1997 film Eve’s Bayou embodies these characteristics, leaving behind a lasting impression on its audiences. The film follows the story of a family torn apart by infidelity, creating a rift that no one seems able to bridge. The supernatural events of the film add to its chilling nature, leaving viewers captivated until the very end. With its unique combination of drama and the supernatural, Eve’s Bayou stands out as a cinematic masterpiece. Despite its unquestionable mainstream appeal to audiences, the film has struggled to gain widespread recognition, only achieving cult classic status among a devoted underground following.

The Room

Tommy Wiseau in The Room

Tommy Wiseau is credited for making one of the worst films in the history of film making and that is the 2003 film, The Room. This film was received with negative reviews, which it rightly deserved. In a shocking turn of events, it also quickly developed a cult following and was the subject of many late-night viewings in cinemas across the world, which Wiseau himself attended quite a number of. The Room is one of those cult classics that does not get mainstream attention mostly because of how niche and wacky it is.

The Evil Dead

6 Cult Classic Movies That Deserve Mainstream Attention

Sam Raimi is largely recognized for the brilliance of the Toby Maguire Spider-Man series. However, before the trilogy, he had created the 1981 horror cult classic, The Evil Dead. The film tells the events that follow when 4 out of 5 friends in a cabin get possessed by demons. This film was largely successful and quickly became a cult classic; however, it did not illuminate Raimi’s career as a director and is currently overshadowed by his more mainstream Spider-Man Trilogy.

La Haine

Mirror Scene from La Haine

No list of cult classics is complete without a foreign film. La Haine is a 1995 French film that follows the lives of three French Immigrants as they spend the day following the events of a riot where one of their friends had been badly injured by the police. The film which is in black and white, is a biting commentary on the systems that uphold racism and its twin, police brutality. It ends with a lot of uncertainty about the fates of the characters, just like the lives of people who live in oppressive systems.

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

People know cult films for their ability to shock, and the 1989 film, The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover exemplifies a film that genuinely shakes moviegoers to the core. The film tells the story of the 4 characters in the title and ends with the death of the lover and the thief. One of the biggest shocking things in the film is the implied cannibalism when the wife makes her husband eat the cooked remains of her lover who he had killed.

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