Video Explains Why Every Star Wars Film Has The Wrong Title

This actually makes sense when it’s all laid out since the titles to kind of belong to different movies considering that The Rise of Skywalker should probably be all about young Anakin Skywalker as he’s found by Qui-Gon Jinn and taken on as an apprentice for a short time. Then with Obi-Wan as his master, he continues his training and eventually becomes one of the most powerful Jedi in the order. After that, we go to episode 2 which should be Revenge of the Sith, as Palpatine has created a clone army that will eventually strike down the Jedi, even though we didn’t know that at the time. Then comes Attack of the Clones, as they finally do attack in the third episode, much to the Jedi’s surprise. After that, we have Return of the Jedi considering that Obi-Wan takes Luke on as his apprentice and teaches him the ways of the Jedi. Following that movie is the idea that Yoda teaches Luke how to further access the Force and become an even stronger Jedi, which opens up the way for The Force Awakens as a title. Then comes the next movie which should be The Last Jedi since Obi-Wan is gone, Yoda is gone, and Luke is apparently the last of the order. After that, the new trilogy starts off with The Empire Strikes Back since the First Order comes into focus. This is followed by A New Hope when Luke distracts Kylo Ren to allow what’s left of the Resistance to escape and finally gives way to The Phantom Menace, as Palpatine has been behind the entire new trilogy from the start since he was never really dead. So essentially, the titles are accurate enough, but they were put down in the wrong order. Somehow I get the feeling that George Lucas wasn’t thinking about this back in the 70s when he first got started.

But then a lot of people are still wondering why in the world he started at episode 4 instead of going back to the beginning and making it all make sense as people wanted. But to be truthful, Lucas had no idea that Star Wars was going to be this big and he was hiding out in Hawaii on vacation when the movie was released just so he wouldn’t have to hear the boos he was expecting. But when it took off in such a big way he was able to continue with the story and the prequels would come later as a means of giving some back story to the movies he’d already created, thereby giving him more time and material to work with. But despite his vast and insanely large imagination, it does appear that Lucas has a habit of standing back from his creation at times in order to distance himself from it, much as he’s been doing for years now. That feels a bit maddening to some folks that can’t help but feel that creating something like this would demand that the creator stay as close to it as possible for as long as possible since it would hopefully give them a sense of accomplishment. But for one reason or another Lucas has wanted to distance himself from the biggest project that helped him achieve the kind of success he has now, while still coming back to it every now and again for his own reasons. It’s hard to guess at his motives so I won’t try, but the fact remains that the titles are kind of out of whack, especially since this video made a great deal of sense and once a person thinks about the movies and what happened in each one the titles are a lot more sensible and the way they’re described fits just perfectly.

Don’t worry too much about it though, the titles aren’t about to be changed any time soon since they’re about as set as can be and will remain as they are likely for as long as memory allows. One can only assume that one day, perhaps decades into the future, some ambitious soul might decide that they want to try and reboot Star Wars and see if they can do any better and bring the story into the present day in a manner that people will not only understand by fully enjoy. As of right now, it would no doubt sound like blasphemy to a lot of people, even those that might be with the idea of Disney seeking to erase the current trilogy in favor of creating a different trio of movies that might work a little more effectively. But likely as not it’s a long time coming and won’t be here until many of us are either gone or old and gray. For all the faults it might have, Star Wars is here to stay as it is.

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