Simu Liu Shows Off Martial Arts Skills in Short Film Made with Friends

Simu Liu Shows Off Martial Arts Skills in Short Film Made with Friends

Simu Liu Shows Off Martial Arts Skills in Short Film Made with Friends

Sometimes a person really has to wonder how skilled a person on set is, or if they’re allowing a stuntman to fill in for various scenes. The latter part of that statement is kind of obvious since unless an actor is trained in stunt work it’s very likely that they’ll have a stuntperson filling in. But Simu Liu, who will be starring as Shang Chi in the upcoming MCU movie, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, is able to show in this clip that he does have the skills that are needed to impress the audience. He has a background in martial arts as well as gymnastics, so to be certain, the guy knows how to move his body, and his time spent as a stunt double has only made him more impressive considering the fact that this allows him to understand how to coordinate his movements with others in any given situation to avoid any undue harm. Put that all together with a bit of choreography and it becomes a seriously impressive show that leaves some of us wishing we could do the same thing. Seriously, some of the moves they execute look like they’d be a lot of fun, but ill-advised if you’re not trained or in decent shape.

Just watching is safer sometimes since avoiding the pulling of a muscle or other serious injury is usually best since the maneuvers that are being performed by those in the clip are usually movements that are best left to people that have had the necessary training and who have probably stretched a bit before getting into it. But this could be just a small taste of what we’re bound to see when Simu takes center stage in the Shang Chi movie, which a lot of people are already expressing interest in as the MCU continues to move forward. How effective it will be though all depends on what happens with the coming year and those to follow since at the moment, theaters are still hurting from the effects of the pandemic and there’s no telling if we’re going to see a resurgence of moviegoers as long as people are still scared to sit within six feet of each other. Without getting into the whole snafu that is the pandemic, it’s accurate to state that people are still uneasy when thinking about what it might be like to be in a theater with several people around. Even wearing a mask, a period of two hours or longer could be kind of risky for many individuals.

But that’s not stopping people from living at this time, though the prospect of seeing so many movies switch over to streaming is something that might be a necessity in the days to come if theaters are continuing to remain closed. There were plans to reopen at one point and some even tried to open their doors with protocols in place. But those writing the laws and making the mandates were quick to put the kibosh on that when it became obvious that COVID-19 cases were seen to spike again, and despite the hypocrisy that has been seen in the case of many individual leaders throughout the country, many people are still trying to follow the mandates, or are at least doing their best not to aggravate those that might otherwise bring them to task for not playing along. Life hasn’t stopped, but it’s definitely been stalled in a very big way, and it’s been hurting many people throughout the country. The future of the Shang Chi movie and many others could hang on the idea of whether the COVID vaccine will actually work, and if people will trust it to be enough as they try to go back to their lives.

Many filmmakers have been put out when it comes to the idea that their creation might need to go to streaming, and it might be that Shang Chi will need to follow the same route, but many are still of the mind that such movies need to be shown on the big screen since otherwise they lose a great deal of their effect and become little more than made for TV movies. This attitude is easy enough to understand, but at the same time, it feels a bit childish since if nothing else, those that need to be paid are getting paid, and those that have something to show the fans are being allowed to show it. This definitely beats out the idea of sitting on said movies until the theaters open, since there’s no telling just when that’s going to happen. Plus, the idea of allowing them to show in drive-ins would be a great idea as well. Shang Chi definitely feels like a movie that might benefit from a big-screen appearance, especially if we’re going to see moves such as those in the clip.

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