How Thor Ragnarok Should Have Ended According to HISHE

How Thor Ragnarok Should Have Ended According to HISHE

HISHE seems to know how things should end, and Thor: Ragnarok is just another movie that’s been given another look. I haven’t seen anything more than clips at this point and read about it but I get the gist, Thor and his people have fled Asgard due to Surtr bringing on Ragnarok and Hela being unable to stop him. Hela was released when Odin finally passed on and despite reaching his full potential Thor was still no match for his older sister, neither was Loki, so they had to flee. This basically opened the door for Surtr to come in and lay waste to the city, though we don’t know the fate of Hela just yet despite the fact that she was caught in the blaze.

With a few possible endings to pull from I think I’ll take my favorite, in which Dr. Strange kind of saves the day. I do wonder though if his time-reversing ability would be able to affect Hela or if, like we saw in the Dr. Strange movie, she’d be able to pull out of it like Dormmamu’s minions were able to. She is after all a goddess and kind of beyond time in a way, plus she’s all powerful. But then if he didn’t use the time magic on her and instead just dropped her into a hole where she’d be falling through the void it’s still plausible to believe that she would have the power and mental discipline to find her way out. That’s a big ‘if’ really, but in the realm of the MCU a lot of things are inherently possible so long as the writers can make something seem like it could happen.

Loki taking off with the crown and the Tesseract seems likely save for the fact that he really doesn’t seem to have anywhere to go. Unless there’s an ally he hasn’t made clear or a place that he has in mind that could be his haven there’s not a lot of places he could go and be completely safe. It’s not hard to believe that he’d cut and run in order to see to his own self interests, but in the scope of the movie he does seem to have that redeeming quality that he never had in the comics. Loki is just a fundamentally-flawed character that looks out for himself most often and doesn’t really give much thought to helping others unless it benefits him in some way. Thor’s got a big soft spot for his brother but eventually kind of acknowledges that he’s unable to change.

In the current phase of the MCU it seems like they’re gearing up to start tearing things down and reshaping worlds as the entirety of the roster is about to get shaken to its very core since Thanos is not the kind of guy to mess around. In the comics when Thor came up against Thanos he nearly beat the titan to the ground and was ready to deliver the death blow when Thanos just touched him with the glove and turned him to glass. That’s the kind of fight that the MCU is in for with Thanos.

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