How Much Homes in Christmas Movies Actually Cost

How Much Homes in Christmas Movies Actually Cost

We all know that real estate prices in California are higher than most other places in the country, but not every Christmas movie is set in a California locale. When it comes to Christmas movies, the central focus is often on the family home. Think about movies such as Home Alone (naturally). But what some people call home others think of as an odd place to live.

Start with the Nakatomi Plaza in that famous Christmas movie Die Hard which is specifically located in Century City, Los Angeles, California. It is an office building with 730,000 square feet but was the home for John McClane for most of Christmas Day. If you were to buy the building, plaza and all, you could start at a conservative $400 million and negotiate your way up to the more likely selling price approaching $600 million. Based on the best information available, all damage to the building has been repaired.

There are some who don’t believe Batman Returns is a Christmas movie, but there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. So Batman has to have a place to live, and what better place could there be but stately Wayne Manor? Though the exact location of the Batcave remains unknown, we did find a suitable substitute for Wayne Manor. That mansion has 11 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a gym available for the Bat bargain price of $32.1 million.

The movie Elf was filmed in an apartment in Manhattan, New York. Just the sound of New York City brings ringing to your ears. The exact address is 55 Central Park West. Ghostbusters was also shot there. That small parcel of real estate that has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms will require #2.9 million, though there is no indication a security deposit is required.

We did mention Home Alone at the beginning, and being one of the most famous Christmas homes in the movies it is only fair we give you an opportunity to peek at the price. Located at 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka, Illinois, the actual house is valued at just over $2 million. That will get you 5 bedrooms and 3 and a half bathrooms.

This list comes to an end with Why Him? Agreed, you may not have seen the movie, or if you did see it you thought it was pretty awful. But that does not take away from the home that was used to shoot the film. It can be found in Beverly Hills, owned by Laird Mayhew. The tennis court alone sits on 1.3 acres, and a library and 5 car garage takes up additional space. If you are interested you can cobble together $24.4 million as a starting price.

As you look around your own home this Christmas season, remember that while these homes used in movies are not normal (except, maybe, the Winnetka property) they do have the advantage of finding a place where peace and quiet is the norm because if the TV is too loud you can go into one of the other bedrooms. Or you can be happy with the company you have and know that there is something to be said for home sweet home (like a lower mortgage price).

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